Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas!!

Well we all survived Christmas, and it turned out so good! WE got a TON of snow and it made it feel just that much more like Christmas. The kids got a wii and spent a lot of the day playing that!!! Gunner got a new little 4 wheeler and he just loves it, it is so fun to watch him on it...Here are some fun pictures from the day...

Gunner woke up about 5 and would not go back to sleep and ended up waking Cambria up about 6:30> I honetly don't think I have ever seen someone jump out of bed so fast in my whole life!!!

Gunner loved opening presents....Once he figured out that that they had something fun in them, he would go to town on them.

Gunner and his new Christmas clothes....I had to put him on a chair and hurry and snap it, because it is impossible to get him to hold still for 2 seconds.
Knuckles with uncle clay
Shay and cambria!! Cambria and Grandma Jill... ( Pauls mom)

Gunners new cute little chew chew train he got!!
Me and Shay!! Paul gave me this beanie for Christmas, and was thinking I hated it because I wasn't wearing it, but truthfully it just didn't match so I changed so that I could wear it so that is matched
Paul boxing.....this was so freakin hilarious to watchCambria and little Sadie!!!!! Our friends nick and em stopped by and of course we had to maul the cute baby!!! I just love her little cheeksThe kids are loving there mario cart, look how serious
Gunners new face he loves to pull!Playing on his 4 wheeler, it
was a big hit !!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

We headed to my moms this evening to do the Christmas eve thing!! Everyone that could showed up and it was a good time!!! I made some sugar cookies last night, so we started off the night by letting the kids Decorate them so they could leave them for Santa tonight!!!

Here is Angel and braxtons Finished **SnOwMaN**!!

Debbie Hard at work on her masterpiece!!!

My mom reading the kids the Christmas story Mr. Willobys Christmas tree !!

Charles reading the Christmas story out of the bible!!!!

Me and My cute hubby!!! Aunt jamie and Cambria After we went to my moms, we headed to Pauls Parents for a minute, we will also head there for Breakfast, so I did not take many pictures but I did get this cute picture of these 2 cute little cousins!!!! Mikayla and Cambria. ( Doesn't Cambria look so old ???:( )
We were setting stockings out for Santa and Gunner thought the stockings were hats!!!

And Last but not least, Christmas eve jammies!!!! It's an awkward picture of Cambria, but the only Picture I could get Gunner to hold still for!!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christensen pictures!!!

My sister in law Cami, had Stacy take pictures of her siblings for her mom for Christmas. I was waiting to post them, cause I didn't want to accidently give jill a sneek peek! But I figure it is close enough that she won't see them!!!I think they turned out so cute!!!! EXCEPT for my ornery husband, hates getting his picture taken, I swear he either looks ornery, plain out pissed or he looks like he is freezing, and he does not know what "Stand up straight means" LOL But other than that I love them!!!

THis is probably the only picture Paul does not look in Pain!
Paul, Adam, Cami, and Clay
See he is goofing off.....

He looks Pissed :)

And In Pain..

And See he slouches (SP?)(But I sure think hes cute )

Holidaily topic : Favorite Holiday tradition...
I can't exactly think of just one, I just love being together with Family. I love Christmas Eve going to my moms, and I love Christmas morning having omelets in a bag at Pauls Parents!!!!!! I love Christmas Eve Jammies! I just love Christmas time and all of the fun things that come along with it!!!!!!BUt as a kid my all time favortie memory was the Christmas Eves at my Grandmas... I remember just being so anxious to open presents, and they would make us wait through eating and As much as I would give anything now just to hear My Great Grandma reading us Mr. Willobys Christmas tree, I hated that I had to sit through it before we could open presents!!!! It seemed like forever before we could open presents. My Family doesn't all live close anymore, so we no longer have those Christmas Eves, but they were the best as a kid!!!!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Gunner Loves Mike!!!

K so I totally promies that I love my kids all the same, its just gunner does the cutest things right now so I am constantly taking picture of him!!!But I promis My other kids are just as great!!!LOL Anyways, but the other day my Best Friend Mikela was over and Gunner just LOVES her. She kept saying she was going to go, and Gunner would run over and grab onto her!! He was not about to let her go. It was the cutest little thing ever. And Mikela is so so good to my kids, she decided she needed to take him home with her for a minute, and trust me he didn't care one bit about leaving me!!! He was so happy to be going with her it was too cute.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Dancin with the Barbies !!!!

Gunners new favorite thing to do is to find the Naked Princess and the Pauper Barbie that sings, and dance around the basement with her!!! It is so funny to watch!!!!

Holidaily topic!!!
Christmas Quiz:
a. What is your favorite holiday dish? Hmm.... I think just all the yummy goodies that my neighbors want to make me fatwith!!! Especially the yummy breads!!!
b. Real tree or Artificial? Artificial pre lit, I tell paul every year that one year we should get a real one, so maybe one year
c. Do you open a gift on Christmas Eve?yes we always open Christmas Jammies and slippers, but this year I am going to start a new little tradition.I hate how they get so many cute clothes for Christmas, but by then all of the fun Parties you want to dress up for are over, so I am going to start letting them open one of there outfits on Christmas eve morning to wear on Christmas Eve
d. Can you ice skate?Ya I can, I have pretty good balance, I have not been forever though, it sounds fun:)
e. Easiest person to buy for? Cambria......I have list and lists and lists!! She wants EVERYTHING!!!!!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Gunners hats!!!

Every year when we go Deer hunting, the other wifes and I always try to think of some kindof project we can do to help pass time, since 90% of the time we are stuck in our trailers due to the weather. Well last year we decided to make hats for the kids, I got the kids done and Cambria wanted me to make her doll one, so i attempted it and it turned out ok. I am definatly not the best at making hats ( so for all of you that really knit don't look to close) I really wish i knew how to really make them, because I bought Cambria the cutest hat last year at the craft fair and wish I could figure out how to make her more. Anyways, but Last week Gunner discovered this little doll hat, and I keep catching him putting it on. For some reason he just loves it,so of course I am a little to obsessed with him and had to take pictures....

I love the face he is pulling in this one.... he looks like it takes so much effort to get it on :)

Still trying.....

Got It!!!!

And Of course what would life be like if we didn't try tupperware on for hats :)

Ps, Our cute little Binky eating dog Max got stolen on wednesday....Cambria is devistated and it is quite sad, but on a brighter note maybe my binkies will last a little longer now :O)