Sunday, February 19, 2012


SOO... i have been thee most horibble blogger for the last year... i got so far behind, that the thought of catching up made me crazy... i have FINALLY came to terms that I will NEVER be caught up! So i am just going to start fresh with 2012!

There is going to be lots of changes for us in 2012 so i want to be good at keeping up so I can have it in the future... We will be having baby number 4 in august ( it will be like our 8th august birthday in our families) Gunner will go to kindergarten in September :( Cambria will head off to intermediate school double :( :(& Braxton will be super busy on his new traveling baseball team he is on!! And who knows what else will come our way!!!

We are just coming up to the busiest time of my year and i am hoping and praying that this morning day and night sickness that is making me wanna die is gone before it all starts... Cambria starts solo and team competitions next month which they all happen to land on the weekend Braxton has Baseball tournaments which Gunner will also be starting soccer and most likely have soccer on those same weekends.... So please cross your fingers for me that Paul will have all of those weekends off or I am going to be stretched pretty thin!

I am going to work on getting pictures uploaded today and so hopefully I can get caught up from jan to today by the end of the week :)