Thursday, July 30, 2009

once again another camping weekend !!

We had yet another Camping weekend...we have done really good this year.... this was our 5th time out.... the more times we go the better I feel about paying for a trailer all year long:) We went up to the sinks again and it was so nice and cool. It was nice to get away from this heat for a weekend. On Saturday our friend Lacy and Jordan cam up with the kids and we headed to the lake.

Gunner and Addi are only like 2 weeks apart. Addi kept trying to hug gun and he kept turnin her down :)
THis is Wayne and his little Grandaughter Jordan... Paul works with Wayne and he has came along with us as few times this year...

Cambria and Brinley making there way back up to the trucks

Gunner bein silly :)Gotta love that kid:)

These are some pretty good dads :)

Gunner loves bath time in the trailer.... I always have a hard time getting him out !

So I me and Paul got kindof bored one afternoon and he kept mentioning that he wanted a hair cut... I kept telling him his only options up camping was to bick it ( NOT really and option in my book) well he decided that sounded great (Argh...) So we took my dull dollar store scissors and cut it as short as we could get it and then took my 3 dollar store rasors and bicked it.... Needless to say it was pretty painful for Paul and pretty amusing to me... I think I was laughing in every picture Cambria took... I am hoping it will be the last time he bicks it :)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The boys birthday Party

SInce both of the boys birthdays are in the same week, it is just so much easier just to have one big birthday party instead of trying to get everyone together twice in one week. And since I do it together I feel like I should make it a little funner than just cake and ice cream. So this year we did water balloons, pin the gold medal on the football player and a pinata!!! ME and my sister stayed up the night before filling up the water balloons. The only bad thing about it is we filled up like 400 and they were gone in like 2 minutes:)
THe water balloon was the first thing, cause of course no one could keep there hands off of them, and I have no pictures of the water balloon fight because I was being attacked.BUt as soon as the water balloons were done Grandpa Blake decided to get the hose out, and finished soaking the kids:)

Gunner had to make a record for the slowest present opener EVER!!!

Braxton was so happy to get LOTS of transformers:)
Paul so happily taking the toys out of there package ( Its got to be the best part right?!?!)

Here was our pin the gold medal on the football player!!

And the pinata!I decided to attempt to make a cupcake cake myself...

ANd besides my red frosting melting I don't think it turned out to bad :)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Boating at Hyrum!

We went out boating with Pauls family yesterday, and it was so much fun!!! I am kindof a big chicken when it comes to water,But i did hang out in the boat for awhile. My kids went tubing for there first time, and Cambria loved every minute of it, but Braxton didn't quite know what to think, he says he liked it, but thats not what the look on his face was.

Here is Tyson Shay and Brody there friend .
ME and GUn, GUn loved this little buck-n-bull blow up that pauls parents had!!

THe boys helping Grandpa pull Paul and Cambria back in:)

Cambria and Paul after they got thrown off!!

Cambria helping pull Braxton and Paul in!
See the look of terror on Braxtons face LOL!!!

I am not sure what he was trying to do here .....

Cambria being our flag girl!

Cambria Trevor and Braxton

Me and Gun on the boatGun didn't know what to think about the whole boating experience!Braxton and Jaron!

Cambria And mekayla

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Christensen family campout 09!!

Over the 4th weekend we went on our annual campout with Pauls family. I was waiting to get some pictures from my sis in law before I blogged so that is why it took so long!! WE had a fun time and lots of good food, and had an coupld awesome learning eperiences for the kids!!!!!Grandpa Blake taught them all how to make a fire without using matches and they all thought that was awesome!! WE also always play this game called wave, and 2 of the little boys ended up getting lost it tooks us awhile to find them and they were quite shook up when we found them, but turned into a good learning experience for the others!!!! Sometimes I think things like that need to happen ( as long as they turn out good in the end) so the kids learn the dos and don'ts!!

Here are our pictures in randomn order...

We always go spend a day up at the lake and let the kids play. It was not the warmest day so it was a little chilly to get in and out of the water. Gunner is a little scared of the water and only ventures out a little but he found this nice little water hole to play in :)

See doesn't she look so cold ?!?!?!

Adam taking GUnner and Hunter out

He got brave every once in awhile, but it only would last a momet 8)

ReAdY.... SeT....GO!!!!
Do you think he could juggle one more thing ?!?!?!

I am not quite sure why these pictures are all weird but oh well :)

This was the kids little playhouse they made.... they had an entrance an exit a firepit, a gargage, a rain shelter and a garbage, it was pretty cute, and quite creative:)

When me and my sister were cleaning out my moms house we foud my old bucket from young womens camp and Cambria wanted to keep it, and it actually has came in handy....

This was the cutest thing to watch, they would follow each other, and everyone once in awhile crash into each other....

Following the leader :)


Look at that intense look on Hunters face :)

Me and my cute hubby !!!

All the kids pilled onto the fourwheeler!Cambrias driving the kids around!

My little cutie!!! He looks WAY to big in this picture !!!

Tyson teasing Gun!!!! (GUnner just loves Tyson )
THe nice little mud hole that kept our kids nice and clean LOL:)

Hmmmmmm.... wonder where he gets that from (PAUL!!!! )

Doesn't Guner look terrified??? ( I would be to if Cambria were my driver LOL)

And that sums up our CHristensen family campout!!!!!