Saturday, June 20, 2009

Barfus Family reunion!

Last night was The Barfus Family reunion on Pauls side, and Paul was at work, so Cami (Pauls sister) Drug me with her. They had a hot dog roast and lots of fun games for the kids. And as badly as I really did not want to go, I am glad I did because the kids had a blast. Cambria was even supposed to have me leave early and take her to a friends for a sleepover and she was having so much fun she didn't even want to leave for that. Here are some fun pictures from the night

Me and my sister in Law Christy

Gunner and Tyson wrestling. Gunner loves his tytin:)

Tyson and shay shoving there faces with donuts holes!

Cami and he kids!!

Me and my cheese ball Gunner:)

Me and my other sister in law Cami

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Our adventurous Camping trip!!!!!

Well despite all the rain we have been getting we decided to still go camping. Paul and his friends from work had been planning it for awhile, and when we watched the weather we figured we would be ok, besides a little rain never hurt anyone right :) WEll it was quite the camping trip. I had only met the people we were going with a few times so I didn't know how it would turn out but it ended up being a BLAST!!!!!
Pauls friend Matt and his wife Amy have 3 kids 13,9 and 6 so it was just perfect because we took along Pauls neice Shaylynn, so there was one each of the kids age. Plus Pauls other friend Jeremy came with his two boy who are 6 and 2 so perfect for Braxon and Gun!!!!

Here is Makell, Shaylynn and Cambria.

WE got up there on Thursday, and it rained off and on all that day, not hard enough to keep us in the trailer so it was ok! Then on Friday it was Perfect weather all day, and Saturday was mostly cloudy all day we just got one BIG storm about 3, all the men were out on a 4 wheeler ride and so me and Amy were left to try and get everything under trailers so we didn't end up having to sit on wet chiars that night, plus the wind REALLY really picked up so we also had to get the awnings and canopys put up. Paul didn't go very prepared on his 4 wheeler ride just wore jeans and a hoodie, and came back drenched and probably on the verge of hypothermia. I have never actually seen someone really that blue in my life. It scared the shit out of him, and now I have the privelage of putting together a little emergency kit for his 4 wheeler so next time he will have gloves and crap he can pull out. But truthfully it was not very smart on there part to go on a 17 mile 4 wheeler ride with black rain clouds in the sky. I guess thats just men for ya!!!... Well the kids ended up covered in mud all weekend so lucky me got to do 5 loads of Laundry when we got home today.
This picture is actually the cleanest gunner looked all weekend :)

Braxton and Triston sitting by the fire during one of the quick rain storms:)

Triston has one of those little 4 wheelers and he was nice enough to drive Braxton around on it for only like 12 hours a day. Those 2 lived on it and got there first experience in rolling a 4 wheeler. They had all went out on a night ride, at about 8:30 one night and these two boys decided to follow them all! Well Paul had decided to take gun along and gun ended up falling asleep so Paul headed back before everyone else. Well 10 came around and the rest of them still had not made it back, about a half hour later you see them all coming down the hill next to our camp ground. Well Braxton and Triston had hit a rock and somehow rolled the fourwheeler. The poor boys were so shook up they didn't want to ride the rest of the way back, but they had no one else to drive that wheeler back so triston drove it back but it was so dark, they had to creep along. It didn't stop them from hopping on it first thing the next day though!!!!
On one of our 4 wheeler rides we went on we foudn this abandoned truck that someone had gotten stuck. Its front tires were completly under and we really thought they would never get it out in one piece. The pictures don't do it justice, it was sunk!!! Well Pauls friend that was with us has a truck that he has put alot of money into and has all the stupid extras. Well he was bound and determined that when these people came back up for there truck he was going to pull them out. Well Saturday night about 8:30 we could hear some people up there trying to pull it out so we headed up there to watch. When we got up there the 2 vehicles they had brought to pull this truck out they had already ruined trying to get it out. So Jeremy got to have the privelage of pulling them out. Well next to this truck there is a big mud puddle that really didn't look to deep so Jeremy decided to drive through it so he could get around to pull them out. Well this hole ended up being about 4 feet deep and jeremy ended up sinking his truck in this hole. So we were in Pauls friend Waynes truck and his frined Matt had also drove his truck up there. we both had to hook together to pull him out, but luckily got him out, and he did get the other truck out to so he was satisfied!!!!

THis is the truck that we found... I was so mad when Jeremy got stuck that I had not brought my camera so I could have taken picture of him sunk :)

Jeremy (Pauls friend) Just got this half wolf half german shepard pup he is only about 3 months old, but he just had it out for Gunner and Ridick ( the other 2 year old ) He just wanted to play with them so bad, he would chase them around all day and when they were least expecting it he would rap his front leg around there legs and tackle them and then stand over the top of them. It would piss these poor babies off. But I have to admit it as a little funny, cause he would wait tell they were least expecting it . I know its mean but I tried so hard to get a picture of him tackling one of them but these were the best I got :)
Paul taught Cambira how to drive the 4 wheeler and she thought it was just great to give the kids rides around the campground. Triston let her borrow his 4 wheeler so she could go up this little trail right by camp and she had quite the little experience and ended up in a ditch. She and the other little girl Brinley her age, had taken it up the trail , and they had turned around to come back and they got caught on a little slanted part and the edge of the road was so greasy from all the rain it caught her tire and dropped them and the 4 wheeler off like a 3 foot drop off into a dicth. Poor girls had to run back to camp and they were just as upset as could be. Well this was when all the men were on there little 4 wheeler ride so me and Shay were left to try and get this 4 wheeler out. WE were unsuccesful so it had to wait for the men.
Gunner loved to go on rides he would ask everyone tell he could find someone that would take him. Luckily Shay loved to drive it so she would kindly take him almost everytime.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I LoVe YoU!!!!!

Sorry I couldn't figure out how to flip it!!!

Isn't he such a cute little stink ?!?!?!

WhAt A LiTtLe S***!!!!!

Me and Paul were just talkin to each other the other day, and some how this little stink opened all these yogurts without us even noticing. Gotta love 2 year olds!!!!

Saturday, June 6, 2009


I love summertime cause we always just go on drives up the canyon , well Cambria is on this kick where she wants to catch a fish and gut it herself and then eat it for dinner!! I am all about Catching them and eating them, but she is definatly not my Daughter if she wants to gut it... GROSS!!!!. Anyways, so on our little drives up the canyon we will stop for a bit and let her try and catch a fish.She has so far been unsucsessful, and Pauls fish he catches aren't good enough,it has to be one she we will keep trying.

The river Makes me sooooooo nervous right now it is so so high and running so fast, so me and Cambria stayed back a little for a minute and played with Gun!!! I am probably ruining my child because I sit there and tell him the river is scary,but he seriously is not scared of anything and would try to jump right in, so hopefully he won't grow up being scared of the river.

Wheeler Farm!

Last Saturday we went down to Wheeler Farm and saw the animals. The kids had a good time riding the ponies, feeding the ducks and going on the hay ride. Cambria was going to milk the cows, but we just couldn't waist enoght time until time to milk them and Gunner was getting restless, since we forgot the stroller:)

Here is Gunner Feeding the ducks!

The kids petting the baby goat. This grossed Paul out, because one little known fact about Paul is that he is terrified of goats LOL Gunner loved the Bunnies! When we were in the little building paying for the dick food and stuff, there was this little lost and found box and gunner found this little mermaid ball in it and would not put it down the entire time. He carried that thing aroung the whole park, and when we got in the car he still had it and the kids were so concerned that he stole the ball LOL

Friday, June 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Trevon!!!

Happy Birthday Trevon!!!

Today is my nephew Trevons 4th birthday!!! He has got to be the cutest thing in the whole world. He has got so much energy, and is such a Happy Kid!! I Love you so much Trev, and hope you have an AwEsOmE Birthday!!!!