Friday, November 26, 2010

Today Cambria was asking gun if he wanted me to have a baby.. well then she said.. C-"hey gun where do you think mom will get a baby?" Gun- mmmm.... probly at walmart...Cam- I don't think you can get them there...Gun- yu huh... I sawd dem dere ... LOL if only it were that easy, I would probably have another one already LOL

then a couple minutes later he was laying with his dad ( nothing new there he is 100% a daddies boy) and I said... gun you better come lay with me or i will just have to have a baby and he can lay by me...gun- k you have your baby and I will have my daddy .... what a little stinker!!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Knock Knock

Today I was at work and needed to get ahold of Paul... I called his phone and gun answered... this is how our conversations went

(long pause)
gun- mom is dat you
Me-yep where is your dad
Gun-hey what time you be home
me - soon let me talk to daddy
(long pause again)
gun- knock knock
me-whos there
gun -orange
me orange who
gun-orange you dlad i didn't say apple adin
him laughing histerically
me k I need to talk to dad
gun-k don't move k mom... hey mom.. don't move k don't move LOL

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Gunners fun little phrases....

I know this isn't much fun for you to read, but this is my only form of journaling so this is more for my sake than anything.....

Gunner I super obsessed with creamies... he had asked us for like 1 weeks straight to "go buy him tweamies" well one morning while the kids were getting ready for school he came down and said
g " mom I told you FIVE times to doe buy me doe det dhem NOW"
so later that day he asked Paul to"doe det him tweamies " and so we stopped at the store, paul called me from inside and asked what kind he wanted I asked him and he said he wanted the "lellow and pink ones" paul came out and handed Gun the bag and he had only bought pink ones' so gun says to him " dad I why did you only buy me one of dem, I wanted two of dem doe det me da lellow ones" LOL

When he got up the other morning he got all dressed an came out in shorts and a tank, I looked at him and told him it was going to be cold so he better wear something else... he grabbed my hand and took me to the window and said..." nu uh mom... Yook .. its a summer day out dere..." if the sun is out and there is no snow on the ground it is a "summer day" and he insists on wearing shorts!!!!! I don't quite know what I will do with him LOL

Paul was fixing a light fixture in cams room one day and he dropped something and yelled Gosh Dammit... gun looked at him and said.. "dad don't say dat say funny goose "

He can't say his G sound so when you ask him what his name is he says "dunner" so the other day I was trying to get him to say it right and I said
me "hey gun is your name Gunner or Dunner "
G: "its dunner mom"
Me "are you sure cause I am pretty sure its Gunner"
G: With the most intense look on his face he say" MOM my Friends tall me dunner so my name is dunner"

Cambria is OBSESSEd with Justin Bieber so anytime we see a kid with longer hair he asks me "mom is dat justin bieber "

as most of you know we are building a house and he told paul today " our house is just about done huh dad" we still have a month and a half :)

I always say gun are you my baby boy
"no mom I am a bid boy"
me: i don't want you to grow up"
Gun: "otay mom I will grow little " :) :) :O)

he says cambrias name tambia so if I tell him "say CAM-Bri-a " he looks at me so serious and says TAM-BI-A" lol he just can't do it LOL!!!

He is so much fun right now and if I don't get better about writing his funny little phrases down i am going to be so sad... he is growing up to fast and I HATE it!!!