Friday, February 27, 2009

I think I might need some moral support!

*******My house is quite quiet tonight.... Cambria is at her friends house sleeping over, Paul is at work, Gunner is asleep and Braxton is playing the wii........I myself thought I would try to get some things done while the house is quiet....I know your wondering where I am going with this...******Well...... I went down to change laundry and as I was pulling stuff out of the dryer,


Is what fell out.... And I just cried and cried for like 10 minutes.... over a STUPID binky!!!!

I will back up a little...On tuesday Gunner was playing around with his binky, and I took it away teasing him and hid it, well almos the whole day went by and I realized that he had gone the whole day, (nap and all) without it.... so I decided to test him and see how long this really could last that he would not notice or not care, because until now him and that binky have seemed to be quite inseperable.....well now here we are Firday night and he is sound asleep WITHOUT his Binky. ......And only ONCE has he even asked for it!!!!

I know I should be jumping up for joy to have that thing GONE, and should be ecstatic that is was so EASY, but I am not........ I am so sad..... what is wrong with me ?!?!?!?! As I was taking his sleepy little self out of the car tonight, I wanted nothing more than to go grab that darn binky ( I have not thrown them away yet) and put it in his mouth...... and I was strong and resisted the temptation, but oh I wanted to so bad!!!!

It was the last thing that made my Baby a Baby..... He is growing up so fast, and I just am not so sure I am ready for him to!!!! He is turning into a Big boy and I thought I had made it clear with him that he was not supposed to do that to me, So if anyone know any special secret to keeping them little please PlEaSe PLEASE share!!!!!

And PS, I might need someone to sneak in my house and throw them darn binkies away cause I am just no so sure I can do it :)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

This is dedicated to Gunner....myholy terror:)

Gunner I love you to pieces,
and your growing sooooo fast,
and that makes me super sad,
but there are just a couple of things we need to get straight......

The Chairs Belong at the table.....they are not there to assist you into getting into things, they are to sit on and only to sit on and they STAY at the table !!!!
My pops are off limits.....I will not be a very happy mommy if I find my pop empty because someone was a stinky little fart and drank it !!
And we do not drink out of the 2 liters.... thats a big no no!!!
My jewelry Drawer is absolutly off limits.... besides jewelry is for girls!!!

THe hair things stay in the Bathroom...... they are not bracelets!!
My underwear drawer...... also off limits!!!
Your dad would kill you if he saw you playing with these Barbie don't do it when he's home!!
The 2 sippy thing is getting old...... Can we pick one.... milk or juice???? It can't be that hard!!
Cooking on my kitchen floor.....NOT a good idea....this also will not make me very happy!!
I also don't like it when you do big boy things like...... clean up your milk mess
Feed yourself like a big boy......
AND.......Make your own sandwiches.....

You are growing up way to fast and I HATE IT!!!!!You might be a little terror and you might get into everything but I will put up with that FOREVER if you can just stay little longer!!!! I want you to stay my cute little boy.....

That I can cuddle with!!!!!

Monday, February 23, 2009


Well I have been tagged twice, by mandi and suzanne.... so here it goes :)


  • Go to your 6th folder on your computer

  • Go to the 6th Picture in that folder

  • Blog about that picture!!

Gunner Camping .... what more can I say??? He must have been eating dirt :)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

LoVe DaY!!!

Well I am SOOO far behing on my blogging, and my goal is to post 1 post everyday this week, so I can get caught up, But I thought I would start with Valentines Day!!!

We started the week out with making Cambria A valentines box fo school..... I don't know if it was more work for me or for her, but it was fun, and she was very proud of how it turned out!!!! was time to right out valentines!!!!
Braxton thought it was so fun for the first 5 and then whined and begged me to finish the last 25 .
Cambria actually loved this part, and kept offering to do Braxtons for him, but I insisted that he needed to do his own!!!
The kids had no Extra Valentines, and were sad because they love to give there cousins some, so I found this cute little kit and they spent the Friday night before V-day making those for there cousins!!

Poor Gunner just got left out through the week, and threw many fits because of course he wanted to "HELP" his brother and sister .... and of course they did NOT want his help!!!!

So when the kids weren't looking look where I found gun.......JACKPOT ..... Braxonts V-day Candy!!!!!

We also made all the cousins some Yummy sugar cookies (thanks to my friend Jayme for the best recipe in the world ) but it seriously was such a HUGE mess (thanks to Gunner being a BIG
help) that I never got pictures of them :( WE had fun delivering them in the snow to all the cousins and Grandparents!!!!

The kids got some new webkinz for V-day and since they can't get on that website on my computer were quite happy to go to Grandmas house while me and Paul went out. They enjoyed a heart shaped pizza from papa murpheys and Grandma helped them play with there webkinz online!!!!

Paul spoiled me rotten with these beautiful flowers.......

And a new Digital Camera!!! Its the one I have been wanting for ever. It has a 28 times zoom so no more blurry pictures and wondering which girl is my daughter when I take the pictue at dance competitions!!!!!!!

We then enjoyed a nice dinner at our absolute favorite place Texas Roadhouse!!! It was such a good day!!! Thanks so much Paul I love you!!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

HaPpY vAlEnTiNeS dAy!!!!!

TO my most wonderful kids and husband.....

To my are truly the best thing that has ever happened to me :) No one can make me smile like you!!!! You have the heart of gold and would do anything for me!!!!! I can't imagine my life without you:)

To my sweet Cambria..... I love you !!!!! You are my princess!!!! You are truly so special to me, I am one lucky mommy to have you in my life!! You are so Beautiful, and have such a sweet spirit!!!!I am so lucky to have you as my best girlfriend for life!!!

To my cute little braxton...... What would I do without you??? There is not a day that you don't make me laugh!!! You are such a fun person to be around Thank you for bringing so much light into my life!!!!!! I love you to pieces!!

To my baby Gun..... You are my little buddy and wish you didn't have to grow up. I love you so much!!!!!!

And to everyone Happy valentines day!!!!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

How come they are so sweet and innocent when they are sleeping???

I thought this was so funny...... We were all watching tv the other night and I looked over and Braxton was sound asleep just like this!! Sitting up and resting on his arm!!!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I love how kids think:)

The other day Paul had left to go grab the kids from school and I decided to hop in the bathtub, and Gunner was Fussing cause he wanted to go with Daddy, So I told him" go watch out the window for him to get back". Well a couple of minutes later he was yelling at me " Down" and he wouldn't stop so I got out of the Bathtub, and this is where I found him......

This is the window in Braxtons room and not exactly the one I was talking about, but I thought It was funny that that is what he thought:)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Superbowl Sunday!!

Well as you all know Paul is the BIGGEST Steelers fan, and so He is SUPER happy right now. I surprised him with an early Valentines present on Sunday and bought him a Steelers Jersey and hat!!!!

My 2 Steelers Fans!!

Me and My hunny:)

It got pretty intense there for a minute!!!!Does Paul look Nervous????

Kellan Pauls friend is a Huge steelers fan to, and we got Hallie and Hannah to wave there Terrible Towels!!!
2 Happy Steelers fans!!
yep he was cheerin for the cardinels:(!!!!

Me Jackie and Steph

Crazy Crazy kids!!
Cambria and Hannah ( I think she needs a little sister) Tatum and Gunner. They are exactly 3 months apart, and they just love each other. They are going to best little buddies when they grow up.

They followed each other everywhere!!!
High 5 buddy!!!

Sunday, February 1, 2009



..... picture of our superbowl still to come .........