Sunday, September 28, 2008

A few little things......

Well as my life didn't slow down, as I was hoping it would, I have gotten a little behind on the little things i have wanted to blog about!!! They are just little things, that might bore you to death, but since this is the only form of journaling I have in my life at this time, I am going to blog about them. I have always wished I would have written down all of the little things that my kids have done, that I just never want to forget, and so I guess it is never to late to start, and just maybe by blogging, that will be my way of not forgetting!!!!! So I am not sure where to even start, since I have gotten a bit behind, but here I go ( and don't say I didn't warn you if you end up getting bored to death )

So I have learned a couple things in life, some from life experiences, and some just from observing others.... I am blessed to have a sister in law that has older children, and it truly is a blessing, cause I am doing a lot of observing, and trying to learn by the trials she has. I truly think that the most important thing is to have that open comunication, and trust with your kids. I always always want my kids to be able to tell me everything, no matter what that might be. So the other day, I just sat down with Cambria and told her that as she is growing up i want her to be able to tell me everything, no matter what it might be. I told her even if she wants to tell me something but she thinks I might get mad, to just forwarn me by saying mom I have something to tell you but I don't want you to get mad, and then preceed to tell me..... So the other day she comes home from school and says to me " Mom do you remember how you want me to tell you everything " ....Yes, " well I have a boyfriend" I just laughed, but deep down I was thinking well its a start to what I was trying to get at. And then the next day she came home to tell me she dumped him and squirted juice in his face!!!! LOL Thats my girl... I told her boys are dumb and not having a boyfriend is the way to keep it ( even though I know that will go in one ear an out the other) .......It's so funny these little kids and there " Boyfriends" .... and even though it is so innocent right now, what a horrible world these kids have to grow up in. It truly scares me to wonder what my kids will have to go through.... but also inspires me to teach them all I know!!!!! What a blessing and such a challenge kids are, what would life be without them!!!

Well..... moving on!!! I don't even know where to start with Braxton, he is such a funny child. The things that come out of his mouth never seem to amaze me!!!! He definatly is such a miniature Paul. I went to pick him up the other day from school and he gets into the truck slapping his face....
Me" Whats a matter "
B: Those girls they just won't quit kissin' me mom"
me: LOL oh really they must think your cute
B: They do and I don't like it
Well A couple minutes later I was picking my neice up from school and I hear Braxton say under his Breath...." I am just so dazzled by them girls" I was like dazzled huh:) LOL
So then a couple days later we are driving in the car and Braxton looks at me and says" Mom I wish I was a nerd" I'm like why? He says" Because then those dang girls wouldnt kiss me anymore" I just laughed at him......It is just so funny, cause Cambria is so dang boy crazy and Braxton would rather miss school so he doesn't have to see them girls!!!

And since school has started Braxton has just been my little helper!! HI was cleaning the other day and he comes down stairs and says " MOm you are just going to love what I did to your room and mine" I walk up there and this is what I saw......

( Not perfect, but what a sweet heart, I left it like that all day, and he was so proud)

Well moving onto Gunner!!! As you know from the previous post, I just can't keep up with gun!!! Nothing is safe anymore when Gun is around. He has learned ot climb up on to my counter high table and learned that he can move the chairs anywhere to climb onto anything. Here are a couple picture of him when I caught him being naughty....He drew all over Cambrias homework, and now that he can climb the kids drinks are never safe..But then again nothing is safe...

He is growing up so fast and it makes me so sad, but then again I am just enjoying every minute of it, his vocabulary is growing by the day, and he is just such a fun happy baby. I keep getting asked" when ya gonna have another one" And I just think, I am enjoying Gun so much, I don't want to take that away....I am in no hurry for another one( That doesn't mean I am not baby Hungry cause iam )But I just never think I got to enjoy th other 2 like I am him, they were so close together, Cambria had to grow up to fast and when Braxton came along Cambria was still kind of a baby so I had to give all my attention to both of them cause they were both so needy, so I think I will just take my time and enjoy Gun ...

Friday, September 26, 2008

My baby got stitches :(

My baby had to get stitches today, and I truly think it is the hardest thing I had to sit through in my entire life... I know it sounds silly, but it was hard. I was making some dinner to put in the crockpot and threw the can of corn away and 2 seconds later I turned around and Gunner had the can in his hand and he was screaming... My heart just dropped cause I knew what had happened. I t bled and bled and I tried to wrap it and he just kept taking it off... I thought he might be ok ( i try not to over react ) And we went to Ogden and the whole time we were gone it never really stopped bleeding, so when we got home we had Pauls dad look at it and he thought it definatly needed something ( you could see the fatty part of the skin YUCK!!!!) so we took him to the doctor and they sent us to the ER. It definatly needed stitches, they told us we were just lucky cause it almost hit his tendons. It was the saddest thing though, they strapped him down and he just screamed and screamed. It broke my little heart. I had to walk out a couple of times, cause I got a little weasy, I guess I am not good with shots and blood :) I know this picture is not very good, but he won't let me get a good picture

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Braxton came home from school today with his first baggy book, so of course we sat down to read it. I helped him with the very first word, and he took off from there! He ended up reading the whole book by himself, without any help by me!!!! He was so PROUD!!! I seriously don't think I have ever seen him so excited and Proud about anything in his whole life!!! He stood up and said" I seriously can't believe I just read that all by myself!!! Can I call Grandma!!"He was so Happy!! He called my mom, and without a hello or anything he just blurted out" Grandma I read my first book all by myself!!" It was so cute!!!!


Monday, September 15, 2008


SO gunner is just at that age, that he is constantly doing something notty, or funny...I absolutly love this age, but he definatly keeps me on my toes. In the last couple of days he has just been into everything, and everytime I turn around he is doing something funny!!!!

He loves to try on everybodys shoes, but then shortly after he always decides for some reason that he should throw them in the garbage. I can't tell you how many times I find shoes in the garbage, and I just know I am going to throw some away one of these days. And if he is not throwing them away he hides them in the kitchen cupboards......

He has also turned into my little monkey!!! Everytime I turn around he is trying to climb up onto something, and when I am getting ready in the mornings this is usually his normal routine in the bathroom!!!! Climb Climb and Climb some more, I pull him down and he climbs right back up......And ocasionally Falls :(
When the kids are outside, he will go to the front window and stare out at them, it is so sad! He would be the happiest kids alive if I would let him live outside!!

Girls Night!!!

Paul has been working alot lately, He has to work a total of 28 12 hour shifts in a row, 18 of them being garveyards, and he has 1, 24 hour turn around. So needless to say, I have felt like a single mom....and we still have 10 more to go!! It has been really hard on all of us. Paul only sees us most days for an hour or 2 and then heads back to work.....and really we only get to see him if we are lucky!! Most days I am either working or running kids to and from dance and soccer!!!The poor kids miss there daddy, and I am missing him more than he will ever know. I know it probably sounds silly, but I don't think I realize how much he really helps out until he is not around. I definatly give props to all single moms out there, cause I don't think I could do it!!!!Anyways so my cute friends Mikela and Kelsey came over Friday night and we had a much needed girls night!!! It was so much fun, we laughed all night about who knows what, but it was definatly what I needed to get me through the next 10 days!!! I am so thankful I have such goods friends!!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

PeAcH DaYs!!!!

This weekend was the annual Peach Days in Brigham city!! I haven't gone for a couple of years and Paul was working, so me and the kids ventured to Brigham and went with my mom, my sister and her kids. The kids enjoyed the parade for the most part! I tried really hard to get Braxton to cheer for Box elder when they walked by, and instead he started Chanting "Box elder Sucks box elder sucks "His dad would have been so proud!!!!! He was finally happy when the only thing Bear river had in the parade went by!!!!! We headed to the festivities up town after ,but after standing in line for an hour for food, and fighting through people to try to look at the booths, we gave up and went home....Plus it was so super HOT and gunner was Cranky!!!

Trevon(my sisters little boy) got bored and came and sat by me, and we took these pictures. He wanted to see them and I said " whos that" (pointing to him in the picture) and he said " the incredibles" LOl I love him, isn't he so stinkin cute!!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Cambrias birthday weekend!!!!

We had quite the weekend for Cambria, she is truly one spoiled rotten little girl. Friday was her birthday, and we surprised her with a puppy. That is what she really wanted all along, and I talked her out of it and into redoing her room(Which I was going to do anyways :) ) Well we got her room all redone, and I got a call saying they were selling these last 2 dogs for 50 dollars, so we decided to surprise her with it.....(can I say Spoiled)She decided to name him Max.....( we went through about 10 names)
I started giving my kids the option ,if they wanted to have a friend party or just go somewhere fun.....Cambria chose to go swimming this year, well we did it 2 weeks before her birthday so I was feeling bad so we decided to go to the zoo~Gunner loved it, he thought everything was a Dog
And Last but not least, here are some pictures from her family party!!!