Monday, June 30, 2008

Summer FUN!!!!!

Me and my friend Mikela took the kids to this spalsh pad that I saw on ashleys page on saturday. My kids loved it. We took a sack lunch and spent the day there. They have the little splash area, and to playgrounds, and tons of grass for the kids to play on, and the best part is it is free!!!!Gunner loved that he got to be outside all day!!! Poor little Cambria ended up getting Heat exhaustion though and was so sick all night and all day the next day!!!I took way to many pictures, I think over 70 LOL so it was hard to choose which ones to put up, so here are a few!!!

Mikela trying to get me wet!!!LOL It got late and we got bored so we decided to join in on the fun!

Me throwing Quincy into the water!
Me and Gun playin in the water!
He was escaping!!
I love this one...Braxton is playing with Gun in the water!
Cambria and Mia enjoying the sun

Gunner Finally crashed at the end of the day!!!Braxton and Dawson getting dumped on!
Playin in the water
Everytime I turned around Gunner had fouind himself something to Eat

Me and Gun walkin through the water

Girls will Be girls Mia and cambria enjoying the sun

Me and Mikela Laying out!

Gun getting splashed on! I was going to save him and Mikela was like you have to get a picture firstLOL

Cambria being the helpful big sister
Mikela wating for the water to dump!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

7 YEARS~~~~ can you believe it!!!!

Today is our 7 year anniversary.......I can't even believe it has been that long, it feels like just yesterday we met! I absolutly love this man!!! He is truly my best friend!!He is the best dad, and the best husband....I have trained him well LOL!!!!He keeps me laughing, and I love him for that! There is never a dull moment when he is around..I love everything about him and I can't imagine my life without him~!

I sure love him!!!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Gunner,Gunner and more Gunner!!!

Is there ever a dull moment with babies around? I swear I always have stories of something Gunner has done.....He does something new everyday, he is just so much fun!!! I love this age, they learn new things everday and are just developing there little personalities ! Gunner is such a little tease, I love it.........

we have two sets of stairs and Gunner will climb up both of them and until today he didn't know how to come back down, So he would get to the top and just scream for someone to come get him! We would go get him, bring him back down and it would just start all over again! Lucky for me he figured out how to come back down today!!

While I was making dinner last night, gunner decided to master was so funny cause he just thought he was so neat, I bet for two hours straight he would stand up until he would fall back down and then he would stand back up!!! He thought he was pretty neat!!!!
He likes to chuck his food when he is done with it, and this is what I end up with.....

Food EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!

Cambria trying to earn money!!

Cambrias cousin Shay just bought a Little dog and so Cambria decided that She wants a little dog...Well I am pretty picky when it comes to little dogs and so I told her whe would have to save her money and work hard around the house so she could pay for Half of it. So First thing when she woke up this morning, she got right in to doing house work! she did the dishes, cleaned her room, and vacuumed! But now she thinks she needs a dollar for everything she does....even if it is one of her regular chores....and every chance she gets she is looking at dogs on the internet...

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

NUCOR Lagoon Day!!!

Yesterday was Nucor Lagoon day. I didn't take my camera and I wish I would have, but I just got a new one and didn't want it to get broke or wet! So I left it home. It was a long hot day though. Cambria is now tall enough to ride almost every ride, and I think she went on just about everything she could, and I must say I was super impressed. She went on collosis(spelling?) and the new wicked and they were her favorite. I was even to big of a woose to go on wicked her dad took her on that one. Braxton on the other hand was big enough to ride a couple of the big kid rides(The bat which we rode a million times), but most of them he wasn't so when Paul and Cambria would head of onto a ride, me and Braxton would find something else to do. We got him this tatoo, when they were on wicked!!!! He wanted a "Bear Paw cause I'm Bear river mom" ......(Paul has him brain washed that box elder sucks :) ) We left gun home with my mom and thank goodness we did, cause I think he would have just been miserable!

Me and Paul ready to go ( cambria took the picture thats why it is blurry)
The kids all hyped and ready to go
Braxtons Bear River Tatoo!!!

Weekend Fun!!

I wasn't very good at blogging, so here is our weekend in revue!!!!!Friday we gave gunner a Hair cut, I really would much rather him have a real hair cut, but Paul talked me into just buzzing it. It will do for the summer, at least he won't have a sweaty head any more.
Paul had been promising the kids for weeks he would jump on the tramp with the sprinkler with them and of course we all know kids don't forget anything, so he decided he better.( He would kill me if he knew I blogged these pictures LOL)
On Satuday we went to the burrups for a BBQ...Here are some fun pictures of that!!

We hid the boys drinks, it took them like a 1/2 an hour to even find them!!!!

The kids enjoying there dinner , Mindee and lacy were trying to get Braxton(Randys son) To give Cambria a hug goodbye!!! Notice Cambria anticipating it biting her fingers :)

Gunners new hair cut

Friday, June 20, 2008


Do you ever just have those weeks when you just possiblly can't imagine one more bad thing happening....Well this is definatly one of them....At first the week started off just fine, but then Tuesday night for some reason the kids were supposed to b ein bed and after me and Paul fell asleep, they snuck downstairs to play play station, well next thing ya know I heard a loud bang....The playstation fell off the tv and yep it BROKE. So Got over that one....The next day I was at work (Paul was watching the kids which will explain it all LOL) And when I got home our brand new cooler was all full of rocks and mud and pop cans LOL the kids were making a stew:) WEll I told them they had to clean it up and started looking closly at the pop cans, ( all along I had been trying to figure out where all the pop cans came from) Well I noticed that none of them were opened at the top....Yep you gue ssed it they were shaking them up and throwing them so they would explode....They wasted a whole twelve pack. I was pretty pissed off, but now I guess it is kindof funny...Well then yesterday Gunner threw my phone....Now it doesn't work At all I ran over Cambrias bike, ran into a curb and the kids dropped my camera and now I also does not work!!!!!!! And that was all in one day !!!! So needless to say I am just wondering what else can go wrong:(

Thursday, June 19, 2008

MIni Cheer Camp!!

Today was the mini cheer camp that the cheerleaders do .....It is fun to watch, but there are so many kids you usuall can't see your own child. I think the whole 1/2 hour that they dance I saw Cambrias head for like 2 seconds!!!But she has fun and that is all that counts !

Brailee and Cambria!!!!! Brailee is like my 2nd daughter, I absolutly love that little girl!!!

Madison, Cambria and Brinley!!! These are 2 of Cambrias little friend!
This is Cambria with Tawnie! Tawnie taught Cambrias solo this past year, and Cambria just adores her. this was the first time Cambria had seen her in a long time, and I didn't think she was going to let go of her. It is so nice to have people who are so good to your kids....I can't thank her enough for all she has done with Cambria!@!
She finally quit malling her long enough to get a picture with her!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Daddys day!!!!!

I am so blessed to have such a wonderful husband!!! He is just the most amazing father, and my kids just adore him. Most days he makes me feel like a bad mom because he is always constantly playing with them. He is just amazing. I love him so very much and don't know what I would do without him! Happy Fathers day!!!
Playing Ball up camping!
Arm wrestling

Gunner just loves him!!
Him and his boys!
HappyFathers day!!!