Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Happy 9 years!!!!!!

I can not even believe that it has been nine years since I married the love of my life!!!! Where has time went, it definatly flys when your having fun!!!! I love this man more than anything, and couldn' t live one day without him.... he is truly my best friend and I wouldnt' have it any other way!!!!!! He is the best husband a girl could ask for and an even better father!!! My kids sure are lucky to have him as their dad!!!!!!!

My 9 favorite things about him

1- he makes me laugh , and not just a little, ALOT!!! We laugh so hard together and I love that!!!
2- He is super hot and gets hotter everyday !!!!
3- I love when he sings to the radio in the car, he makes up his own lyrics and its freakin hilarious!!!!
4- He loves to gossip with me!!
5- We tell each other everything!!!!
6- I love that he loves me and always thinks I am great!!! ( especially those days I don't feel like I am so great)
7- I love that he has a hard time with big words ( this is kindof an inside thing but I love it about him)
8- i love that he loves to get up and go , even if it is just a sunday drive I love that he is spontanious like that :)
9- I love that we are best friends!!! it couldn't get much better than that :)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Gunner :) :)

So I got home from the gym this morning and Gunner says to me
G-"mom eveebody calls me silly doose ( goose) and I not a silly doose "
Me- oh ya well what are you then
G-" I am bid boy "
Me _ so I can't call you silly goose
G- No call me bid boy
Me -ok big boy
G- no i'm DUUUUUNNNer bid boy ( Gunner..he can't say his g's )

I then asked him if he knew where I just went
and he said " yep the tesas roadhouse " LOL

I love that kid we have the silliest conversations
about a week ago we had close to the same conversation but then he wanted to be called " silly doose dunner bid boy"!!!!!

he is my biggest stinker and loves to get into trouble but he tells me and Paul about 100 times a day " mom you and dad are da best mommy and daddy ever"!!!!!!!! SO I guess that makes up for all the naughtiness right??

I hate that he is growing up so fast, and I need to be ten times better at writing down all the cute little moments I have with him because he is definatly growing up before my eyes and before I know it he is going to be big like the other 2 and not need me as much :( :( :(

Monday, June 14, 2010

I walked downstairs to find this.....

I asked him what he was doin and he said " mom i jus havin a birfday party"
10 minutes later..... he was all partied out LOL

Braxton got all signed up for football!!!!

I can't even hardly believe that my baby Braxton is old enough to play football!!!. We got him all signed up and he pretty much couldn't wipe the smile off his face for days!! He played around in his pads and helmet all day!! He is sooo excited to start ( not sure if I am ready for this ) but he is!!!! His daddy is so proud and has definatly been waiting for this day since he was born!!!!!!And now my weekend life for the next probaby 15 falls will consist of Football, I can't wait!!!!!!

Mothers day !!!!

We headed to my sisters house in Layton for a mothers day lunch!!!

Gunner loves Jamies little dog mister!!!

Gunner and pat ( jamies boyfriend) playing!

MMM..... what a mess !
Chochat kisses !
Paul enjoyin himself some mothers day ribs!
Jamie and mister gun bum~!

Gunners play day with gage :)

This is NOT what an easter egg hunt should look like :0)

So tremonton has there annual egg hunt and this year I can honestly say had to have been the coldest EVER!!!!! I am pretty sure you should not have to hunt for eggs in your snow clothes and snow :) Even despite the snow ( and the frost bite we all had by the end ) the kids still had a blast and came home with more candy bars than we possibly needed!!!

Cambria Braxton Trevor and Kada :) ( cousins)


So I can't hardly believe I was actually this far behind but here we go....

We had quite and eventful easter weekend......

Here is braxton easter morning

Gunner trying to reach the hidden easter eggs!!

We obviously didn't get ready for the day before we colored easter eggs so don't mind my homely looking kids :)

The kids ready to hunt for eggs at Grandma Juanitas house

Gunner and his aunt angel :)

Me and my jax roy :)
me and trev!

Easter lunch at the Christensens... hunter and gunner eatin there hotdogs :)