Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Silly silly boy :)

This is what happens when you let gunner get himself ready for bed.... And i promise you 90% of gunners life he is carrying a dang bag of chips around!!!

memorial day

The kids with Paul grandpa Christensen.... I know my kids would have just loved you.... I hear such wonderful stories about what an amazing man you were!!
the kiddos with Grandpa kelly :) Love and miss you everyday daddy....... my kids my not know there grandpa kelly but I know they love there grandpa kelly deep in there heart :)

My house is for sale.....

This post is mostly for me, since this is my only form of journaling.......I know one day when we no longer live in this house I will want to remember it one way or another so here it is..... its sad to think we have spent 8 wonderful years of our lives in this house...Its our very first house that started our journey as a family... it will be so sad to leave it, but so fun to start the next chapter in our lives in a new bigger house :)

Braxton and Gunners room...

The front room...Cambrias room
My room

Our family room
Toy room
Laundry room
and last but not least our dining room /kitchen:)

The kids at toads!!!

Braxtons 1st grade field trip!

Braxtons class got to go to dinosaur park for there field trip....

Him and a bunch of his little friends....

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Cambrias 3rd grade field trip to the aquarium!

Cambria got to go to the Living Planet Aquarium for there 3rd grade field trip.....

Day 7... our journey home

Day 7 was our journey home..... we stopped in st. george on the way back to see my cute grandparents.... the lighting was horrible at chuck o rama, so all i got was crappy pictures but its ok!!