Friday, March 25, 2011

My friend put pink and purple extensions in Cambrias hair for her birthday present!!!

Gunners new addition to his Batman room!!!!

Since Gunner is so obsessed with Batman I found thee Cutest Batman room on Pottery barn ( I am SOOO not a fan of character rooms so this was a big step ) but when I saw the one from pottery barn it was so classy looking ... not cheap kmarty looking..... So I gave in and bought it.... It is so stinkin cute but the challenge now is finding ways to decorate it.... You can find alot of cheapy batman stuff, but its REALLY hard to find classic batman stuff... ...... So i find myself making stuff ... so this was the newest addition... a cute little toy box!!!!
( if anyone EVER sees anything classic batman PLEASE tell me.. it really is the most difficult stuff to find/ of if anyone has some awesome idea please tell )

The Grinch visited the salon!!!

The day before Christmas we had the grinch visit the salon.... I was so sad my kids didn't get to see him !!!


Gunner just had to have this HUGE rice crispy treat when were shopping... I swear the thing was bigger than his head!!


So my son pretty much thinks he is the REAL batman.... I bought him these batman pajamas one day and he wears them pretty much everyday..... he would go EVERYWHERE in them if I would let him.....

My sister gave him this batman hat for Christmas too and he wears it EVERYWHERE too ( thanks jame )
He had climbed up here and kept telling me that he was going to do a front flip off the railing... it took alot of convincing that he was NOT the REAL batman to get him to not try it....

He is so funny though... he seriously wears that cape and mask everywhere... now that most of my clients come to my house to get there nails done, they dont hardly recognize him without them LOL!!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bowling with the kiddos!

There was lazers cause it was cosmic bowling ( you can't see them in the pictue :( ) but gunner was like break dancing around them... it was so cute!

This is gunners excited face.... I love it !!

Don't ask me what is up with those socks... she had boots on and so when she took them off to bowl she looked like a dork LOL

Braxton was the craziest bowler ever... even WITH the things in the gutters he still managed to get the ball in the craziest places... it ended up in the lane next to us one time... stuck on the gutter blockers a couple... I think we had to have the workers fetch his ball 7 times that night!
Gunner Cambria and Adi!

Love my sweet husband!!

Happy Valentines day from my cute hubby!

These make me smile !

Gunner is such a Cuddler... and he loves his sister!!

I love this picture of my cute little gun!

Gunner and his buddy Gage!!!

I have never in my life seen 2 kids that play so well together as these 2 do... it is the cutest darn thing to watch them play together.... They kept me smiling all night :)

Gunner let gage wear his batman mask ( which never happens... he is pretty possesive over that thing) and he wore his batman cape and hat and they would run around calling each other Batman and Robin... it was so cute!!!

Here gunner is Reading his batman book to gage..... it was so cute... Gage was totally into it like gunner was reading it word for word and gunner made up his own little story by the pictures as he went :)

Happy St. Patricks day!!!

Happy St. Patricks Day!!!!

Green bug juices and....
Rainbow cupcakes!!!
Gunner did not wanna wear Green... i kept telling him he had to cause it was st. patricks day and he kept saying... "where we doind for st. patricks day" I told him no where you just have to wear green or the kids will pinch you ... his response ..." then I will beat them up".... So we finally compromised on this brown shirt with the tiniest bit of green on it.... the remainder of the day her kept asking me funny questions like... is st patrick going to bring me presents??? where is st patrick...

Disney on Ice

We took the kids to Disney on ice and they loved it... It had been awhile since we had been and gunner has never been so I thought i better take them before they get to old and won't enjoy it anymore :)

Gunner was so excited for Buzz....

and woody.... he was starting to get tired but snapped right out of it when he saw Buzz and Woody!!

Gunner with his Mickey mouse ears :)

Braxton and his friend Bubba ( detmer) enjoy there ( 15.00) snow cones ;)
Gunner Cambria and Brinley

Gunner and Adi.... I love this picture of them :)
Brinley and Cam!

update :)

SO I keep having these ( REALLY) good intensions of getting caught up .. but then I get really overwhelmed because I am about oh ..... maybe.... 8 months behind.... so when I think about getting caught up I get super overwelmed and I never do it ... I really want to eventually print this into a book so I kept wanting to get Caught up for that purpose only, but Its not going to happen ... SOOOO .... I have decided to just start from now... and try and just keep caught up... that way maybe I will actually blog :)

So for today just a few funny things my kids have said....

While playing trouble one night... Braxton was having te darndest ( if thats a word) time counting his spaces out right... I finally said to him... Braxton I am not so sure you know how to count.... his response was... " mom I know... its cause I am colored blind " .................???? LOL i had no Idea one had anything to do with the other but hey.....

Gunner Is a pretty tough boy, and sometimes Braxton definatly is not the toughest.... Gunner knows this so anytime Gunner gets hurt he will say.... Mom see I am a football player and braxt isn't ....

Gunner come to the gym with me every morning and so the other morning when we were leaving... he started singing at the top of his lungs.... " I like big buts and I cannot lie" ... AAAHHH....... not sure where he learned that one, but I walked out hoping no one knew that was my child and everyone got a good laugh out of it :)