Saturday, May 31, 2008

Braxton graduated from preschool this year....This was his teacher Mrs B. I was so sad to have him graduate after Cambria went to kindergarten he became my little buddy and now he is growing up too....It is sad how true it is when they say they say they grow up to fast.

This is cambrias individual teacher, Tawnie Bee. Cambria absolutly adored her and there could not have been any better to do it...She was so amazing with Cambria, it is such a nice feeling to have people that give your kids so much love....I could not thank her enough for being so good to Cambria.

We had one last room to finish in our house, our laundry room, and so Paul and his friend Nick got it done this winter and periodically I would find Braxton with his tools "helping" He would copy them every little move they made:)

THis was Cambrias first year to do an individual for dance...and I could not have been more proud. I only put her in 2 competitions, but she took Queen both times and she took the overall Queen in the amatuer division. It was so much fun to watch her...She wowed me everytime, I never knew she had all that in her....I was one proud mommy :)

Braxton started his first season of soccer this year....I think for the most part he enjoyed himself...Paul always bribed him with transformers if he made goals so most of the time he was more worried about getting the tranformer than anything. there was also this boy on his team and they spent half the time wrestling each other .It was so much fun to watch though...those kid had no Idea what was going on .:)

HAPPY NEW YEAR! We all rented a cabin up at Bear Lake for New years eve for 2 nights...It wa such a Blast!

This is my family. Cambria will be 7 and is going to be in second grade next year, Braxton is going to be 5 and will be in Kindergarten, Gunner will be 1 in July