Friday, February 26, 2010

2 yr old conversations:)

So Gunner comes up with the funniest things lately... I love having conversations with him because you never know what he is going to come up with next

Today.... the kids had just got home from school and me and Gunner had been shopping all day.... our last stop was walmart, so of course that meant Gunner needed some popcorn chicken.... Gunner had left them on the counter along with a pudding that he had opened but not yet finished.... Braxton took it upon himself to finish both the popcorn chicken and the pudding off himself...Well gunner was PISSED... he came up and told me "Brax ate my chichens and ogurt all gone :(" Me... I am so sorry baby"
G- "he is so naughty "
M- ya i know he is pretty naughty
G-we need tape
M- what do we need tape for
G- hims mouth :) help me mom :)
( I guess he was thinking if we put tape on his mouth he couldn't eat his things anymore)
Well a couple minutes later Braxton was being really loud and gunner came back upstairs and told me
G- Mom I weawy need tape:)
He continued asking for tape for about 20 minutes :) he was quite serious about it... he found a piece a string and came up and told me it was Stity tape I asked him what he was going to do with it and he said "give it on Braxs mouf" :)
Gunner loves Pauls gotee(sp?) he always points at it and says "dad me want one of dose" :) I think it is the cutest thing.....
I had to take Gunner to work with me the other day for an hour and he talked our ears off the whole time I am pretty sure he never shut up, but one of the many conversations went somethin like this....
G-mom me not take a bath
M- no you can't take a bath here
G- Cause me not naked
M- ya your not naked
G- you not naked mommy
M- no Im not naked gun
G- mom you have big boobies
EVERYONE in the whole salon turns and starts laughing
G- me not have big boobies mom... you have big boobies...

K my child is also obsessed with boobs and tells me all the time " mom me want some of dose"
also yesterday I was holding the dog and he pointed at his tail and told me " mom me want one of dose"

So my child is weird and wants a gotee, boobs and a tail ???????