Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The diaperless child!!!

This is ho I found gunner today.... no diaper and Braxtons snow boots LOL!!! He loves to have no diaper on... and it is quite annoying!!! ANd doesn't he just look so happy!!! Such a little ShIt!!!!!

Cambrias Baptism!!!

Cambria got baptised by her grandpa Blake on Saturday....

Such a special day.. e headed to Pauls parents after to have a nice lunch...Thank you so much everyone that came!!! It means alot to her :)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

1st day of school 2009

Braxton 1st grade

Cambria 3rd grade.

Cambrias birthday day .. cake and the rodeo!!!

Cambria decided that she anted to do cake and ice cream , eat out and go to the rodeo.... and she even talked me into letting her take 2 friends too.... our friends Casey and Kayli came to so Braxton had Brailee to sit by

At one point Paul had all 3 kids on his lap... Brailee Braxton and Gunner.... he is the most patient person ever and didn't care one bit ... if only I had his patience!!!

Braxton and Brailee.... So CuTe!!!!!
Doesn't Gun make a good cowboy!?!?!?.... I didn't know if he would handle the rodeo very good, but her actually made it through better than the older 2!!!

The girls didn't care one bit about the rodeo...this is all that I heard the hole time ... " is it going to be over soon so I can ride ride.."... "can me and my friends go walk around???" Can I go buy a treat"... can me and my friends go to the bathroom" AHHHH.... e ended up leaving early cause Me and Paul couldn't take it anymore...

They messed around on there cell phones the hole time.... AnNoYiNg ( I try to explain to Cambria this is why she doesn't have a cell phone... they thing they are toys)
Cambria and her most favorite person in the world.... Tawnie Bee!!!

Time flys to fast ... my baby girl turned 8!!!

Happy birthday to my very beautiful little mooshu!!!!I don't even know if I can call her little anymore.... she is growing up so fast and turning into such a beautiful girl.... she definitely is so mature for her age and if you didn't know better you would think she just turned 16!!! She truly is my best friend and I couldn't ask for more....
8 things I love about Cambria....
1-You are so fun... you have such a cute personality!!!
2- You are all GIRL!!!!! you love shoes, purses, necklaces/earings, clothes, makeup, lipgloss... anything girly you love!!!
3- I love that you strive to be just like me.... I love that if I have a black tank/ pink shirt and capris, you go and put on a black tank/ pink shirt and capris.... so flattering....
4- I love your passion for dance... I don't think there is a little girl out there that trys harder to perfect things than you....
5- I love that I am your best friend... especially cause I know it won't last....LOL
6- I love that you think your daddy is the most wonderful man alive....
7- I think your brothers are the luckiest boys alive.... you are the best sister ever and would do anything for them....
8- you have the sweetest little heart out there... you are so loving and caring... you are my rock and I know my life would not be the same without you:) I love you and hope you NEVER forget that !!!

8 things you love...
1-listening to music videos on youtube.... I think you would do this all day if I would let you :)
2- making up dances
3- texting.... You are to young... but are definatly obsessed ith it
4- earning money/ and saving it ... hope you keep this up :)
5-going shopping ( mommys girl)
6- jonas brothers /icarly/hannah montana
7-SHOES... I think you have more pairs than me:)
8- making everybody happy ( not a good thing all the time, but you have a good heart)

HaPpY BiRtHdAy sweetheart I lOvE YoU!!!

This explains her personality ... one silly girl!!!

County fair parade!

Here are some fun pictures from this years County fair parade...

Gunner looking for some more candy.... he ate it as fast as he got it!!!

My little girl.... that is not so little anymore... doesn't she look so groan up?!?!?!

Grandpa being mauled by the kids kids.... he is such a good sport

CAmbria and her friends Maddi and Brinley

She doesn't know ho to just smile ... it has to be a pose :)

Her and shay