Friday, August 29, 2008

Happy birthday Cambria!!!

Happy 7th birthday !!!!!
7 things i just love about you!!
  • 1~You are so beautiful!!! I often wonder where you came from!!;)
  • 2~YOu are truly my biggest helper!!!!
  • 3~You are the BEST big sister anyone could ask for!!! You love your brothers with all your heart and it shows, they will be indeed gratefull when they get older that they have a sister like you!!!
  • 4~You have a passion for dancing that I didn't know a little girl at your age could possibly have, and of course that makes me so proud!!!!
  • 5~You have the sweetest little spirit in the world!! But can also be the goofiest little girl I know and i love that!!!!

6~ You are mommy little girl and you are my rock!!!! YOu are there for me when I am sad,glad, mad.......and can always put a smile on my face!!!!

7~ You are your daddys little mooshu, and he adores you!!!! You love to play football and baseball with him, and deep down I think he hope you will be the first girl football player for Bear River! ;) (But we know better)

There are way more than just 7 things I love about you, and could go on for days!!!!!WE love you Cambria, and are so very proud of you in every way you are the sweetest smartest prettiest little girl I know!!! Happy Birthday Mooshu!!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Catching up!!!

It has been awhile since I have blogged, so i will try and catch up on everything. I am hoping now that school has started, my life won't be so hectic, but we will see.....

The 18th was my nephew jaxs birthday, so we went down to Layton for his party. Gunner, was just loving my Uncle Charles and his hat :)

These are just some fun pictures we took before church the other day. (You have time to spare when church doesn't start tell 1:30 )
Just some fun pictures of Gun!!! The other day when I was folding Laundry he fell asleep in the middle of the pile....Top RIght is just gun and his daddy sleepin, he is such a daddys boy!! Bottom Right....This is where we can usually find gun, on the kitchen floor with the bag of chips :) Yesterday was the first day of school for my little kiddos, I was so looking forward to this day, but it was so sad to see how grown up they are getting. Cambria didn't even want me to walk her to class how sad is that..... I remember when she didn't want me to leave:(But she was so excited to see all of her friends, and I think she was feeling pretty special because she gets to walk Braxton and there cousin Trevor home from school everyday!!!
And here is my big kindergartener :( This was the saddest, ever since Cambria went to school Braxton has been my little buddy, we have done everything it was sad to send him off, and he wasn't even sad, he was such a big boy. The annual County Fair parade was last weekend and cambria danced in the parade for the first time. She absolutly loved it.... her cousin Shaylynn is also a dancer and she didn't want me to pick her up at the end of the parade, she wanted to walk back with shay ....once again she is growing up!!! It is so sad that she doesn't need me like she used to:( But Gunner loved the parade, He thought all the horses were dogs, and he firgured out that he could eat the Candy with the wrapper on ...
My little Mooshu all grown up and dancing in the parade !!
More parade pics, The parade was pretty lame, but watching Gunner was a blast..

Saturday, August 16, 2008

i am: very tired right now...I wish Gunner could learn to sleep all night and then sleep in :)
i think: about things way to much, I over analize everything
i know:I look like a crazy lady when I try to go shopping by myself with 3 kids
i have: 3 beautiful kids that i don't know what i would do without
i dislike: people who are fake....I hate when people are different when they are around certain people, your either my friend or your not no matter who you are around
i miss: my sister....we used to be so close, and my daddy, I never got a chance to really get to know him
i fear:something bad happening to my kids
i feel: grateful that I have a wonderful husband
i hear: Gunner upstairs (who knows what he is doing)
i smell: My scentsy bar I just put in my warmer
i usually: can never finish laundry all the way
i search: for cheap clearance stuff online when I am bored
i wonder: how my kids will turn out...... this is such a scary world, I just hope I teach them enough to keep them on the straight and narrow
i regret:to many things and always tell myself there is no turning back so just live from your mistakes
i love: my husband and my kids with all my Heart!!!
i care: way to much about my weight and what people think about me .....Always been a weakness
i always: wirte out bills on thursdays.. YUCK!!!
i worry:way to much and it drives my husband crazy
i am not:the mom I wish I was and work on it everyday
i remember: everything that is not important...
i believe: that everything happens for a reason!!!!
i dance: with Cambria to Hannah Montana all the time ( I like to pretend I can still dance)
i sing: in the car!!!! I love it!!!! :)
i don’t always: make dinner and I am trying to get better....eating out is so expensive
i argue:with my kids all day!!!
i don’t like:winter, I hate those bitter cold mornings
i write: to little I wish i was better about writing down the things I want to remember about my kids
i win: everytime when me and Paul plays card games
i lose:everytime I go golfing with Paul....I suck bad
i wish: school would start tomorrow....I can't wait for a little alone time
i never: get to take a bath in peace I always have someone bugging me
i listen: to everyone....that is one of my strengths I am such a goode listener....don't always have advice but am always willi ng to listen
i don't understand: why the price of everything has to be so much
i can usually be found: cleaning and not by choice
i am scared:when Paul is on graveyard ....I hate it
i need:to get ready ...we are going swimming today
i kids sucked all the memory out of me
i am happy:with my life!!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I have been really bad about blogging lately, I have been super busy and by the time I go time to actually blog, my mom handed over Breaking Dawn.....and well ya that explains it all. i am still not finished yet and it is driving me crazy.....I promised Paul I would not read it when he was home ( he thinks I neglet him when I read LOL) and Gunner has had this jealousy issue with the book so ya but I decided I need to take a minute and catch up on my blogging

Here are some of our fun pictures from the 24th, Paul is so very patient with kids, they always love to be by him :)
We had a fun little BBQ at my house, and saw a bunch of friends we had not seen in awhile .
Yesterday was my birthday and my sweet sweet husband sent me a dozen roses to work !!!!! And my cute best friend emily brought me the other ones......I just loved them!!
And last but not least this was just today....I just can't get over what a good big sister Cambria can be.... She just loves gun and is constantly playing with him....needless to say most of the time I swear she thinks he is her doll, but she can be so sweet to him... I was cleaning the house and walked up stairs and she was reading him stories and next thing ya know she had read him to sleep :) It was the sweetest thing in th world

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Willow Flats!!!

This past weekend we went camping with our Best Friends Kayli and Casey and Nick and Emily to willow flats. We had such a fun time, we went fishing, and hiked up to where the spring come out of the mountain. it was so pretty up there, and as always it was super relaxing!!!
No matter where we go the kids always just crowd around Paul. They just love him!!

Notice the top left picture of Casey. he would randomly hide along the trail and scare us!!!!