Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween cupcakes ;0)

So I look at all of your blogs out there, and I was starting to feel like quite the bad mom, so On sunday me and the kids decided it would be fun to make some Halloween cupcakes . The kids had a blast, and I think Gunner ate the whole tub of Frosting. He was elbow deep in it .

And Here were the finished product. I bought all kinds of things to put on top, but Braxton Kept saying I hate those Candies I just want sprinkles. Cambria on the other hand had a good time getting creative with the candies. And once again gun kept busy shoving cupcakes in his face :)

This has nothing to do with the cupcakes, but I just cant get over how freakin cute Gun is these days. He is at the funnest age, and I just love it. He can always seem to put a smile on my face. He has this little cheesy grin he loves to tease you with, and has started following me around mimicking things I do all day. His vocabulary is growing and I just want him to stay this little forever. Not to bore you to death, but there are just certain things I wish I was better of recording when my other kids were little, so you will just have to deal with it LOL/.
Guns favorite words : Daddy (daTeeee) Mommy ( Mommeeee) Grandma ( Bama) Grandpa ( papa) Max our dog ( MMMMMMMAx) dog ( daw) Mean to me ( Meem me) Bad boy this is his favorite he says it all day ( Ba Bow) Hot dog (da dawg) Please (Peeeeeee) Baby ( babeeee) sock (dawt) Bath (bap) HI ( hi) No (noooo0) ba bye (baba) banana ( nana) Apple ( bapple) Buck ( bup ) And every animal ( if it isnt a dog) is a Buck .......... I am sure there is others, but thats as far as my mind will allow me to think for now. My favorite is he loves to answer you by shaking his head yes or no, but he seriously shakes his whole body yes and no. It is so cute. The pictures below I just found on my memory card when I was going through them .........THe one one the right gun fell asleep while I was blogging, and on the right, he has this obsession with putting everybodys shoes on.

Sunday, October 26, 2008


Last night was our halloween party with all of our friends it was such a blast!!!!! i was not going to go cause i did not have time to find a costume, but sally saved the day and brought me her old witch costume , which was super cute, we took lots of fun pictures and had such a good time. it has been 5 years since we did this last, so we were definatly all due for a Halloween party.

top left kelsey was a pixie and robbie was a walmart greeter... he even had the smily face stickers lol....bottom right kellen and clayton both came as girls ;0
top left brennan as Raggedy anne, middle skyler and steph as jackie moon and a referee, top right Me and mikela bottom left kelsey Pissed about the hole in her pixi wing lol ...i love her bottom right me and steph rudd, this was the first time i had seen her in like 2 years ;)

Top left ned as the geico lizard, middle clint and mikela right;whitney bottom left :kelsey and jeff was the mad hatter middle ned and whit, right jeff and jackie alice and the mad hatter

top left marci and zack.......right mike ,ty and me. bottom left : sally and chris, middle; both stephs and mike bottom right me steph and sally ( the brigham girls as paul likes to call us :0)

bottom left me and kellen have the same tights on :)
and last but not least me and paul before the night started

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Kids do the cuttest things

So the kids think it is really fun to have a little slumber party and sleep downstairs when they dont have school the next day...... so Last night they were sleeping downstairs and I had to go down to the kitchen to get gunner some milk and I peeked down at the kids and this is what I found Braxton doing .......................
We got the toys-r-us ad in the mail the other day and of course the kids won't put it down, they are mentally making there list to Santa ..... Well You cant exactly tell in the pic, but It was pitch black downstairs and Braxton was sitting on the couch with a flashlight and the toysrus ad looking at it ....I thought it was so cute:)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

.'.'.'.'.' Heritage farms...pumkin carving with the cousins.'.'.''.

I have been a little behind, so I am going to attempt to catch up . We headed over to the Heritage farms for a night out, we went with our friends the Burrups and it was quite the fun night.They have a little hay ride type thing to take you out to the corn maze, they had the corn maze, a hay jump a maze that was in an old barn that was pitch black, and some other little fun things to do. The kids had a blast and the weather was decent. WHich is a good things because I forgot Gunners coat. Notice in the pictures he is wearing Cambrias vadels jacket and Cambria is wearing Pauls hoody, we had to compromise some how :)

The next night we went over to Pauls parents and picked out some pumkins, Braxton was in trouble that day so Cambria was the only one that carved hers that night and then the next night when I was at work they carved Braxtons, so I only got the after pictures of his

This last weekend as most of you know was the deer hunt so while Paul was out Hunting me and the kids headed in to Brigham for a fun day with there cousins. Me and my sis got some Christmas shopping done, the kids went and saw igor (Sp?) and the kids decided to do some art work with the nature outside while I did my sisters nails.And this was the turn out of that, pretty creative for just a bunch of leaves and walnuts :P

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

5 Year olds can't cook.........

I came home from work the other day, and Paul had been watching the kids, and truthfully I just never know what i am going to come home to. But I walked into the house and my house stunk so so bad..... So naturally I asked what happened and this was the story I got
Paul: Braxton wanted one of those easy mac cups, so I asked him if he knew how to cook it and he told me twice that he was sure he knew how.... well a couple minutes later I could smell something burning so I ran upstairs and the easy mac cup was on fire in the microwave.... Braxton put it in the microwave with out filling it with water.......
Needless to say my house stunk for like 3 days:(

So really are men that dumb that they really truly believe a 5 years old when they say they know how to cook ???????
I guess my husband is LOL I love him any way and I guess to look at the bright side of it at least he caught it before it burnt my house down:)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


SO i finally I have found something that Gunner will watch!!!! All of my other children just loved to watch tv from the time they were little little , but Gunner on the other hand hates it...... I feel like a bad mom admitting that I want to park my baby in front of the tv....but I am sure all of you that have kids understand that it is so nice if they will just watch tv for a moment so you can get something done. Gunner follows me around all day and just whines, and I have tried so hard to find something he will just watch for a minute and finally I found it .......THOMAS.....I should have known , it was Braxtons favorite, and now it looks like it is gunners....but truthfully he will only watch like 75% of it and then he is done, but its good enough I can at least get don't think I am a bad mom :)

Friday, October 10, 2008

My next challenge.....the thumb!!!

I am up for a challenge, that has needed to be done for awhile now. We have got to get Braxton to stop sucking his thumb. . . It seriously has to be the hardest habit to break, but it is starting to mess up his teeth quite a now is the time we have to figure something out. He only sucks it at night, and so that is why it is hard, cause I can't stop him. We have honestly tried everything from the sock on the hand to threatening that he would wake up with a purple thumb( If you don't remember he hates box elder ....hence the purple thumb) But nothing works..... so if anyone out there has any miracle cures for thumb sucking please share them :)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Today I had a few spare moments and was looking at some friends blog. On one of my friends blogs she had came across a blog of a family, The Jackson Family, they lost there babyLucy in a tragic accident... she had the link to this familys blog, so I checked it out ( It was so heart breaking to read this,but also so inspiring. I can't even imagine how it would be, but definatly made me think. There are so many moments that I just get so frustrated with the little things, I always find myself getting mad at all the little things, and worrying about everything! And when it really comes down to it those things are not important...... She inspired me to be a better mother, not to worry so much about the little things, all those little messes.... that drive me crazy, or all the Laundry that piles up..... I want to cherish ever little moment. I cried and cried an cried for this woman who I don't even know, my heart just goes out to her. SHe also had links on her blog to other familys who had lost there little angels as well, my heart just ached for these familys. Alot of there little angels were around Gunners age and it made my heart ache even more. I get so mad when he climbs on the table and rubs toothpaste into my comforter, or when he puts the whole roll of toilet paper in the toilet or dumping the bag of chips out, but these poor familys would give anything for moments like those. If it taught me anything it had taught me to enjoy every moment even if they did just dump the bag of chips out.
Just yesterday I was sitting at work and right in front of the salon a little boy was riding his bike and he got hit by a car. It was also a reminder to me about how fast things can happen, my heart just ached as I watched him motionlessly lay on the road. I couldn't help but put myself in his parents shoes. I came home and just hugged on my kids..... and then went on lecturing them about crossing the road. ;) I love my kids with all my heart and don't know what I would do without them.MY heart goes out to those familys, but am so glad to have there stories, they are so inspiring. I am truly inspired. I am going to try harder everyday to enjoy every moment, even if i want to scream .... I am going to Cherish every moment as if it were the last, because life is all to short to worry about the little things.

Monday, October 6, 2008

4x4 tag.......

THis was on my friends blog, and since I have nothing to blog about, I thought this would be kind of open your 4th folder and go to your 4th picture, and tell about it....... This picture was I think on thanksgiving, My mom took the kids to church with her while we got dinner cooking, and when they got home Cambria and Jax pulled our puppy around in this wagon. I think it is such a cute picture, but I can't believe how little Cambria looks and that dog ran away about a week after this.