Sunday, February 19, 2012


SOO... i have been thee most horibble blogger for the last year... i got so far behind, that the thought of catching up made me crazy... i have FINALLY came to terms that I will NEVER be caught up! So i am just going to start fresh with 2012!

There is going to be lots of changes for us in 2012 so i want to be good at keeping up so I can have it in the future... We will be having baby number 4 in august ( it will be like our 8th august birthday in our families) Gunner will go to kindergarten in September :( Cambria will head off to intermediate school double :( :(& Braxton will be super busy on his new traveling baseball team he is on!! And who knows what else will come our way!!!

We are just coming up to the busiest time of my year and i am hoping and praying that this morning day and night sickness that is making me wanna die is gone before it all starts... Cambria starts solo and team competitions next month which they all happen to land on the weekend Braxton has Baseball tournaments which Gunner will also be starting soccer and most likely have soccer on those same weekends.... So please cross your fingers for me that Paul will have all of those weekends off or I am going to be stretched pretty thin!

I am going to work on getting pictures uploaded today and so hopefully I can get caught up from jan to today by the end of the week :)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Our mountain...

We moved into our new house Right in the middle of winter and so they never got a chance to come grade our yard, well this spring has been SOOO wet that they still have not gotten around to grading our yard... so for now we have a HUGE mountain of dirt in our backyard.... Well the kids have learned to love it, they pretend like they are Camping and build forts on it..... They will be so sad when they finally come grade our yard and they no longer have there mountain!!

Saturday, April 23, 2011


We went to the movie hop last night and Braxton kept singin out loud in the movie.... Braxton is ALWAYS singing and sometimes paul just cringes ( he wants him to be a tough football player not the next justin beiber LOL) So when we left the movie Braxton was once again singing... I told paul ou never know maybe he WILL be the next Justin Beiber... Braxton says... " ya maybe I will be the next justin beiber... or oprah..." oh man we laughed forever... that kid is so random.. I just love him!!!

Easter fun @ grandmas house!

I uploaded these pictures Backwards ... oh well...

My mom gave gun some new puzzle for easter and he was already busy doing and undoing them ;)

Waiting for there surprises from grandma

Gunner asked me at one point... " mom do you fink I am selfish" ???? not sure what he did LOL

Easter egg hunts

We took the kids to some easter egg hunts around town today and man they got a ton of crap!!!! we started out in riverside and then headed out to Belmont to there little one out there...

Paul almost broke the swingset ( i have to remind him that he is not a kid anymore quite often <3)
I promise you i don't love gunner more but Paul always took the older kids to there part of the hunt and i followed gunner around so that is why I only have pictures of him hunting eggs :)

Me and my not so much a baby anymore gunner :(
He tries to pull the "i"m so cool faces " too... so annoying... is it to much to ask for a cute picture of them smiling!!
Braxton and Detmer
Cambria and Brinley
The kids with the Easter Bunny at the egg hunt.... Gunner has been so funny all day about meeting the easter egg hunt he told me... "mom dat was so fun da easter bunny was comfertable" and then a few hours later he said "mom why dint da easter bunny talt??" I said I don't know buddy..." is it tause hes not s tid lite me" yes bud I am sure it is... bunnies don't talk... Gun... "OOOHHHH" lol

Opening the eggs to see what treasure they got!
Adi and Gunner

My kids are crazy... here is proof that it takes me 5 times to even try and get a decent picture of my kids!!!! Braxton and Cambria want to look "cool" so they are always pulling stupid faces ( and gun tries to do whatever they do ) so it takes me yelling at them "just stand there cute and smile NO STUPID FACES" 10 times to get a cute picture!!! We have no yard right now so my poor kiddos have to play baseball in the driveway LOL... anyways on with the purpose of this post... My Most favorite dance teacher from highschool has this cutest little boy Dylan... he was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor ... Mandy holds a super special place in my heart and was ALWAYS so good to me :) It make my heart hurt that her family has to have such a huge Trial in there lives!! They were selling these cute shirts and bracelets ( gunner has his on but its covered) as a fundraiser to pay for those horrible bills that will come along with his tumor!! My kids LOVE them and tell all there friends about Dylan just like they have known him all there lives... it is so cute!!!! I pray for mandys family daily and hope for a miracle... i truly believe they do happen!!!!

more batman.....

My clients are getting used to Batman opening the door to welcome them :)