Saturday, April 23, 2011

My kids are crazy... here is proof that it takes me 5 times to even try and get a decent picture of my kids!!!! Braxton and Cambria want to look "cool" so they are always pulling stupid faces ( and gun tries to do whatever they do ) so it takes me yelling at them "just stand there cute and smile NO STUPID FACES" 10 times to get a cute picture!!! We have no yard right now so my poor kiddos have to play baseball in the driveway LOL... anyways on with the purpose of this post... My Most favorite dance teacher from highschool has this cutest little boy Dylan... he was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor ... Mandy holds a super special place in my heart and was ALWAYS so good to me :) It make my heart hurt that her family has to have such a huge Trial in there lives!! They were selling these cute shirts and bracelets ( gunner has his on but its covered) as a fundraiser to pay for those horrible bills that will come along with his tumor!! My kids LOVE them and tell all there friends about Dylan just like they have known him all there lives... it is so cute!!!! I pray for mandys family daily and hope for a miracle... i truly believe they do happen!!!!

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