Sunday, April 11, 2010

Dance competition #1

On our way to the competition.... funny story about this day..... we weren't going to take Braxton, but Cambria just kept insisting, she really wanted him there for some reason..... So I went and checked him out of school, and when he walked around the corner, he had this pissed off look on his face, he walks up and says...
B: why did you check me out ...
Me : to go to cambrias competition are you mad
B; yeeeessss........
Me: sorry ... i got you out of a test why are you mad
B: cause we were going to paint today!!!
LOL he is to funny, he was sooooo not thrilled about going with us :)
One last deep breath .....
Danced her little heart out ;)

He got so tired towards the end and ended up falling asleep on me :)

Gunner kept himself busy pushing all the seats down :)

She is looking so old.... I am so lucky to have such a beautiful daughter :)
The boys keeping busy!!! They were so so good this day considering they were at a boring dance competition!!!!
Her and Macy hanging out in between dancing and awards!!!

Patiently awaiting awards!!!

2nd place..... so proud of her :)

I love this picture :)

Gunners yego phone!!!

Gunner always uses these legos as his phone ..... everytime you ask him who he is talking to he say Jamie LOL what a cutie!!!

He was all wore out!!!!

Braxtons 1st grade program!

Braxtons had his 1st grade singing program, and he sang his little heart out... it was so cute!!! Braxton Loves to sing, so I loved watching him... he sings around the house all day long, it is one of my favorite things about my little Braxton!!!!

He had a speaking part ( " we can say I like you or will you be my friend " ) and it was so funny cause he said it so fast you could barely understand him :)
Gunner fell asleep ( thank goodness )

My silly child!

BeSt FrIeNdS!!!!!

Crazy how they have there own beds, but end up like this every night!! I think its so sweet, they truly are best friends!!!!!!!

Friday, April 9, 2010

What a morning..................

So I am now truly convinced that my 2 year old IS evil...... I love him to pieces and he can be the cutest damn thing, but he truly is EVIL!!!!!!!!

I was upstairs doing my hair and makeup this morning, and I could here Cambria and Gunner fighting all morning, well a few minutes later, Cambria was running up the stares screaming Bloody murder, you would have thought she was dying..... Gunner had stabbed her in the head with a knife.... my heart sunk for a minute until I realized that she was not gushing blood anywhere..... the knife barely got her, but there was a tiny drop of blood on her head!!! ( see you all now agree that he is evil) !! It was alot of drama there for a few minutes Cambria thought she was going to die, Braxton was screaming cause he didn't want her to die and Gunner was crying because he knew he was in trouble and "didn't want to be a naughty boy" !!!!! My sister in law walked in while all this was happening and Gunner runs up to her, my mommy hit me !!! LOL looks like someone was trying not to be the bad guy!!! He then when on to tell her" I need to put my money in my jar" ( his legoland jar) she asked him where his money was at and he said " in mommys wawet" ...... about an hour later i was still on edge with him, he walks down the stairs and says to me " mom i need some damn orange juice" I was like Oh really is that how you ask me for something, and he said " NOOOOOO mom can I pweese have some damn orange juice"
WHAT AM I EVER GOING TO DO WITH THIS CHILD...................... most of the time he can be such a sweet sweet boy, but when he is nuaghty, he is NAUGHTY!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

discovery @ gateway!

A couple of months ago we took the kids down to gateway and they had a blast!!!!!!


I seriously cannot believe this is really how far behind I am .....

For the superbowl we went to our friends skyler and stephs house, it was super fun!!!

Steph was our Cheerleader all night :)
Steph and jackie I love these girls!!!

Lebri, steph and me :)
Paul loves me most days lol!!!

This day he really loved me :)

me and steph!
The kids were pretty good at entertaining themselves, they kept busy by watching movies on the computer......
texting each other......
doing headstands.........
dancing and doing gymnastics...................
eating otter pops ( i think they ate the whole box) ....................
piggy back rides...........
and these to were so cute, they ate chips............
fed each other chips ...............

and watched movies............