Saturday, May 30, 2009

Cambrias 2nd Grade Field trip!

For Cambrias 2nd grade field trip, we went to willow park and then bowling.

Here is Cambria bowling, she loved it!!!

She was sucha brat, she thought that she HAD to bowl with the PINK ball, so even if the orange one came up first she would sit there and wait around for the pink one! It was pretty AnNoYiNg!!! She made me take a picture of the score board cause she got 2 strikes in a row and beat the other 6 people in her lane, and she wanted to show her dad that!!!She bowled a 116:)
While we were at willow park all i heard the whole time was "MOM take a picture" Probably about every 2 seconds, so there was lots of silly pictures of the girls
I kept seeing Cambria "flirting" with this little boy LOL
I thought this little owl was so cute :)

CaMbRiAs 2nD GrAdE PrOgRaM!!!

Cambria had her 2nd Grade program last week! It was a western themed program and they had to square dance. Unfortionatly I had Braxtons Kindergarten testing and her program at the same time so I ended up having to stand in the back so when they started square dancing everone stood up so they could see there child and I only got a glimpse here and there of the whole square dancing part, so no pictures of that.

Cambria and her friends (Hollie, Cambria, Mekayla, Teran)
And Cambria singin :)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cambrias solo!!!

Here is video of Cambrias solo. I recorded it at the recital and when I played it back it was so shaky, but I wasgoing to put it on here anyways. But I got to my moms house and watched the one she had recorded and we are missing the first couple seconds of it, but it was WAY better than mine. So here it is!!!! Mine would have made you all sick LOL

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Braxtons kindergarten awards :)

Yesterday was Braxtons Kindergarten awards and I was a REALLY bad mom and forgot my camera so we had to use Pauls phone and ended up with some really crappy pictures so sorry!!!!Braxton got the award for being one of the best readers in his class and being a math wizz and knowing all of his number 1-100!!! WAY TO GO BRAXTON! He is now officially done with school for the year, and will be in 1st grade next year!!! ( I must admit I am REALLY excited to have both kids in ALL DAY school!)

SiLlY KiDs!!!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Camping Memorial day weekend!!

We ended up going camping last minute this weekend, and I am so glad we did cause it was so much fun . WE had planned to go, and then something happened at Pauls work so he was going to have to work, and then last minute we found out that he wouldn't have to be in tell Sunday night, but by then we figured we wouldn't get a spot, cause really who finds a spot on a Friday afternoon on memorial weekend. And then our friends Skyler and Steph invited us and Casey and Kayli to go to Skylers dads campground where he is the Camp it was a guaranteed spot. So last minute I threw the trailer together and hoped for the best that I had everything that we needed. It was such a fun weekend and LuCkY for us we didn't get rained seems everyone I talked to got Rained on so I guess we got lucky!!!!

Heres Gunner EnJoYiNg his marshmellows!!!!
And Gage eNjOyInG his Yummy SMORE!!!!!

Brailee wanted to sleep with us and of course they all wanted to sleep together, I think Cambria dna Braxton were hanging off of the bed most of the night :)
Tatum Loved Cambria, she would open her arms up and he would just run into them and give her a big hug! It was so stinkin cute !!!

Tatum...Isn't he so cute, him and Gunner are exactly 3 months apart!!
Gunner with a handful of who know what....and yes he was eating whatever that is that was in his hand !!!Brailee Mauling Paul. He just loves her :)
Gunner and Tatum.....Probably fighting over something. They were so funny to watch play together because they were constantly doing the whole "MINE" fight!!
Fishing......We caught NOTHING!!!!Brailee and Cambria!
Gunner going to town on someones pop!!! Braxton and Cambria trying to teach Brailee how to ride without training wheels!
Brailee,Braxton, and cambria !!

Cambria and Brailee, they are like sisters!!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Dance Review 2009!!!!

Here are the pictures from Cambrias Dance review!!! She did so so good, and Is growing up on me. I could not believe how big she looked and acted.She danced 6 times, so that meant 6 costume changes. I think I got my workout just running back and forth trying to get her costumes changed.And because I was losing my mind trying to run back and forth I really didn't get that many pictures~!Thanks to everyone that came, it really does mean alot to Cambria, she loves to have people there:)

Here she is right befor her solo!!! see how big she looks :(

Right before her Black and white number (Mya,Cambria, Mckayla)

This was her first grade lyrical, it was so stinkin cute !!!

Cambria and her sweet solo teacher Tawnie!!!! She did such and awesome job with cambria and we are so so so excited that she is going to do Cambrias solo again next year!!! I don't know what Cambria will do when Tawnie doesn't do it anymore:)Cambria and Mya!!

Doesn't Paul really look like he is watching the dancers?!?!? But I do have to give it to him, he kept up with Gunner, cause Gun did NOT want to watch the dancers!!!

Cambria and her Aunt Cami!

I got video of her solo, its super shaky, but I will put it on here anyway, my computer just won 't upload it so I am going to have to do it at my moms!!!!

Tremonton Competition!

These are the only pictures I got from The solo competition Cambria did in Tremonton, they were while we were waiting for the awards to start:)

Cambria trying to do fuetes(SP????)

Braxton and trevor entertaining themselves.

Cami and gun.....gun loves his mami:)

Cambria and her friend mackayla!

Cambria and her sweet teacher Tawnie:)