Sunday, August 23, 2009

Shays fashion show!!

My niece Shay did a little fashion show at Maurices, and Tyson and his friends somehow got conned into doing it too...

My nephew Tyson struttin his stuff... He thinks he is pretty awesome!!!!
Shay.... she is such s BaBe!!!!

Cambria and shay tryin on sunglasses afterwords in the store!!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Just some pics!!!

Silly pictures !!!

Here is some fun pictures from my camera!!!

Gunner has an obsession with shoes :)

When the kids are outside this is what, Gunner does, he sits in His window seal and yells at the kids :)

When I uploaded my pictures from my camera there was like 15 pictures that Cambria had taken of herself just like thiss LOL!!!

Gotta love 2 year olds :)

This is what my child does for fun LOL!!!

Swimming lessons!!

The owner of the Salon I work at has a daughter that teaches swimming lessons, so I decided to give her a try!!! She was awesome, Cambria definatly learned how to swim, and Braxton I think just got over his fear of water and learned to belly flop ( he thought he was diving, but sure looked like a painful belly flop to me LOL)

Braxton hated the deep end, so I had to take this picture cause it was amasing he stayed down there that long :)
By the last day Cambria could swim the entire length of the pool ... pretty impressive considering in her 8 years this is only the 2 time taking swimming lessons!!!

Braxton hated the diving bored even more than the deep end, Paul went and watched one day and he had to bribe him to go off the diving board.... he had a near drowning experience the week before swimming lessons started and I am pretty sure it put the fear of water into him...

This is where is was happy ... the shallow end :) Maybe next year he will learn to swim:)