Friday, January 30, 2009

Hubby Tag!!

Where we met:We met in Logan me and a couple of friends were "cruising" and there was a parking lot full of boys and the other 2 girls wanted to pull in and talk to them, and I absolutly did not want to cause I was so shy, well I didn't get my way but look where it ended up...s o i guess I can't be mad :)
How long we dated before we got hitched: 1 year and 1 month
How long have we been married:it will be 8 years in June
What's my favorite feature about him: His personality, he can always make me smile:)
What's my favorite quality about him: Everything, he is such a good person, and an amazing dad!!!
What's his nickname for me: Hmmm..... I don't know if its appropriate LOL
His favorite color: Grey, he says it goes with everything
His favorite food: Chinese
His favorite sport:Football of course.... he is a HUGE steelers fan so he couldn't be happier right now
Who said the L word first: He did after 2 days LOL , but the night we met he was trying to be a smooth talker and asked me if I believed in Love at first sight cause he did LOL LOL ( How lame )
First kiss when and where: The night we met ( oops) and in his white truck
Favorite couple thing to do: Camp and go on drives
How many kids: 3
His hidden talent: Hmmm.... don't know if he has one ( I am sure if you asked him though he would think he had many)
His age: 27
His favorite music: COuntry
What I admire most about him: Everything, he is an amazing amazing man, and he would do anything for us, I love that he has a personaltiy that can make anyone laugh. He is such a friendly person, and it makes him so likeable so its easy to be around people with him.... I just lovce him !!!
His favorite pastimes: Camping...... we would do it years round if we could
Will he read his: Nope he thinks its stupid I have a blog LOL
I tag.....
and whoever else wants to:)

Thursday, January 29, 2009

*** Quick Note****

So I was running a little behind today, so I asked Braxton if he could help me by putting gunners socks on, gunner kept running away from Braxton and Braxton kept saying " Gunner don't you want your big brother to help you get your socks on ?" Gunner would say "Ya" And run away, well he finally got him to sit down and he says" K Gunner can you be so patient while I put your shoes on" LOL thats coming from the most impatient kid in the world. But I thought it was cute cause he was tring to be so grownup:)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sooo BUSTED!!!

WHen I got done working out the other morning, I found gunner just gussling away on this 2 liter of pop......
Then I got caught taking his picture and i got this ....... CHEESE!!!!
What a littl stinker:)

Saturday, January 24, 2009


I was down stairs working out the other night, and when I was done, I went upstairs to see what Cambria and Gunner were up to and I found them like this ................

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I've been tagged:)

5 things I am addicted to ................

1 SHOES!!!! I love love love shoes, and love to buy cute new ones, my husband always gets mad and says I don't need anymore shoes.

2-Reality shows!!! I am not much of a TV watcher but I love reality shows!!!!

3- Cappuccinos (SP?) Paul knows if he wants to make me super happy in the morning to grab me one while he is out:)I love them ( especially in the winter) !!!!

4- Lately excercising.....not a bad thing to be addicted to but my husband thinks I have gotten a little out of control!!! He does not think I need to work out twice a day :) I tell him at least he will have a skinny wife one dayLOl

5 My Computer.....Paul told me the other day that my priorities are 1- computer 2- family ( so not true) But My client gave me a digital scrapbooking program for Christmas and it is so addicitng. I am having so much fun playing around on it and admit I am addicited to it, but for now its to hard to scrapbook...Gunner would so be into it all and I would get nothing done, so it is fun to actually be getting some scrapbooking done:) SInce I am years behind...The last page I actually sat down and did was Cambrias first Christmas LOL and she is almost8.:( It stresses me out to think about so maybe this will help me get a little caught up )

5 people I tag.......

and anyone else who wants to :)

Monday, January 19, 2009

What a tent!!!!

I was cleaning up the kitchen today, and decided to walk around and just tidy up the house a bit, and I walked into the living room and this is what I saw......

I walked over to put the pillows back where they went and saw this.......

The kids said they made Gunner this tent so they could read to him!!! But he seemed quite content in there when I found him, i actually think if I would have gave it 5 more minutes he would have fallen asleep that way:)

Friday, January 16, 2009

WhAt CuTe KiDs:)

So We are planning a trip to disneyland in June, and The kids are soooo excited,and Cambria was asking if I would buy her stuff when we are there.......So we sat down and talked about the kids earning money so they can buy there own stuff while we are there. So we decided to get jars and decorate the, m and as they earn money they can put there money in there until we go to Disneyland, So I had to run to work for a minute yesterday and left Cambria home to tend and I told her if she watched them for a half an hour I would pay her 5 dollars , and she agreed and got excited that she would already have money in her jar. Well while I was at work I got this phone call and it was Cambria, she said" Mom I unloaded the dishwasher, loaded it and then it got done so me and Braxton unloaded it, I mopped and swept, picked up everyones rooms, and washed all the countertops off can I have 20 dollars?" LOL I told her she could have 5 more than I was already giving her ( I mean really I was already paying her 5 dollars for 30 minutes and mind you Paul was upstairs sleeping, so I think thats a pretty good rate)So that would give her 10. She was not happy with that so she said how about 11? So that is what we compromised on, but then also you could hear Braxton in the background" MOm I want 5 dollars" I told Cambria to tell him I would talk to him about it when I got home, and she told me" Mom he really deserves at least 2 dollars cause he helped me unload the dishwasher!!!!
WEll as I am posting this Braxton did the dishes and put them in the dishwasher and cleaned the toy room and asked me if he could have 20 dollars!!! LOL I think I am in trouble, I hope there cleaning streak stops or I am going to be broke :) But I must say my house was spottless when I got home and that made for one happy mom:)

Sunday, January 11, 2009 hero!!!!

Seriously, you might laugh, but without Thomas the train I don't think I would get anything done around here. It is the only thing ( besides Paul) That can consume Gunners Attention for any amount of time!!!! Gunner LOVES Thomas and would watch it 100 times a day if we all could stand to watch it with him, he won't go to sleep without watching it. He always tells me "NI NI, Pup, Bibi, momas" (NIght night, cup,Binkie, thomas) . Braxton also had an obsession with Th0mas which seems to really work to my advantage, because we already have a train table and all the thomas toys you could ever imagine, and endless amounts of Thomas DVDs. ( I think I actually lucked out that I had two boys that liked the same thing :) ) But anyways, when we pick up Pauls prescriptions there is the stupid Magazine stand next to the pharmacy, and I used to be a really nice mom and buy Cambria the Strawberry shortcake magazines and Braxton the Thomas ones, when they were with me.... well it seriously has been like 2 years since I have purchased any of those magazines and thought they were all long gone, but much to my surprise Gunner pulled one of the Thomas ones out of the toy room somewhere. He absolutly loves the things, he carries it everywhere with him and has spent a countless number of hours just looking at it. And everytime he finds it again you would think it was the first time he has ever seen the darn thing he gets so excited and always brings it to me saying " MOMAS MOMAS MOMAS" It is the cutest thing ever!!!!!

(Ignore the mess around him It must have been my day to work and Pauls day home with the kids LOL)

Friday, January 9, 2009

He's No Dummy:)

THis is Gunners new way of getting things!!! He gos to the toy room, dumps out one of the little buckets, and takes it wherever he needs a stool!!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I want to be just like my Daddy!!!!

I was cleaning the house yesterday, and Braxton says to me " Mom look I am bein just like daddy" ... I was like " Oh ya hows that?" He says" I am givin Gunner a 4 wheeler ride and kissin the back of his head at the same time, just like Daddy does to us !!!" I thought it was the cutest thing ever. How lucky they are to have such a good Dad!!!!

Then when I was uploading the picture of him and Gunner I found these that I totally forgot I had taked. Braxton got a bunch of sets of Legos for Christmas, and him and Paul sat there together putting them all together, It was so cute!!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Moore Family Christmas Party!!!

Every year we get together with Pauls moms side of the family and have the Moore family Christmas party!!! We had it at the high school this year and poor gunner fell off one of the chairs and landed head first and had a huge goose egg the rest of the time :( we do White elephant gifts, but since the kids don't really understand yet they get a little toy. I got a crockpot and 2 liter of pop for mine ( I know how to pick the good ones LOL) and Paul ended up with a picture of his Aunts husbands colon! It was pretty gross, and unfortionatly I didnt get a picture of Paul and it LOL !!!

Trevor jaron Braxton and Kada, enjoying there dinner~!

Cambria and Mckayla

Me and my hunny:)

I love this Picture I think braxton and kada both look so awkward LOL

Me and Gun!
Braxton jaren and Trevor opening there presents!

Someone got this beautiful set of legs for there white elephant!!

This statue that Tyson got has been being passed around for years now!!!!
Mckayla, Shay, and Cambria....such cute cousins

Friday, January 2, 2009

Highlights of 2008

WE started off the new year by renting a cabin up at Bear Lake with our friends for two nights, and what a blast that was!!!!Cambria started her first solo, Tawnie Bee taught her, and there couldn't have been a better teacher!!! Cambria fell in love with her and she was sooo good to Cambria. She had and Awesome first year and won all Queens and even one overall Queen!!! I was definatly so proud!!!

By Baby Graduated from Preschool!!! He went to Mrs B. ANd wow was she amazing!!! What a sweet little lady, and boy did she spoil those kids!!

Cambria and Braxton both started sports this year, Braxton played Soccer and t-ball and Cambria played Coach pitch. It kept us super busy for most of the summer

We had many fun Camping Trips !!

Cambria Danced in her first parade, with her cousin shay!!And Gunner enjoyed watching his first parade:)
My Baby Braxton started Kindergarten and me and my sister in law walked him and his cousin Trevor together, It was so sad:(
Cambria Started 2nd grade, I can't believe how big she is!! Time flys!!
And what can I say about Gunner, He grew up so much, he went from being my little baby to crawling walking, and now he just talks so much!!! He burnt his arm, and had to have it wrapped for a week or 2 andgot stitches, and definatly had his fair share of bumps and bruises!!! He has been so much fun!!!
We had an awesome year and sure hope this one matches it!!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

So I have been really bad at blogging everyday, I kindof slacked off, its been a combination of Being busy and just plain out laziness , and having the wii that we play into all hours of the night has not helped!!!! But its a new Year and that means.... I guess a bunch of new years resolutions that hopefully I can keep!!!! I have some pictures to post, but don't have time to upload them today so those will have to wait. I am going to try and catch up on the holidaily topics, and that should be good enough for today

First topic: 8 things that happened last night:
(I thought this would be easy considering it was New years Eve )
1: Dropped the kids off at my moms so they could enjoy the new year with her :)
2: Went to wingers to dinner with Pauls friend Kellen
3: Went to Pauls friends from works party, which was a little akward at first so we then
4: Went to Our friends the Rudds house!! Super fun
5: went back to Pauls friends from works party ( much less awkward the 2nd time around wierd I know)
6: Realized it was 2:30 and decided we better head home ( I had to be at my moms to get the kids by 7 so thought I might need SOME sleep)
7: Got home and Realized I took my camera and did not take one picture the whole night... how sad is that?\
8: got home and crashed after driving home on the pure ice roads

New years ... how do you celebrate it???
Well we always try to plan something big with our friends!!! Most of the years in the past we have rented either a cabin or a condo somewhere and we go and stay there... it is always super fun. This year we didn't do something fun like that, and I can promise you next year we will, cause those are my funnest new years memories

Last holidaily topic that I am going to catch up on:
To make a resolution of not make one????
Hmm..... I always make them, but most of the time break them..... so I will once again make them, and hopefully I can keep them this year:)

Happy new year!!!!!
Happy Birthday Jamie!!!!!

We love you :)