Sunday, October 31, 2010

Nucor Lagoon day

Gunner and Gage on the Airplanes

2 little monkeys

All tuckered out!
Brailee Cam and kayla
Bumper Cars were guns favorites!

Braxton was such a good sport to ride all the kiddy rides with Gun!

Christensen family Campout 2010

Every year we have a family Cmpout with Pauls family... I am a little behind at posting this this year but better late than never right???

Jaron and Braxton playing there ds's

Hunter and Gunner riding there "train"

We all braided our bangs

Popsicle time

Isn't Kael the cutest chubbiest baby ever :)

Braxton and Jaron

Grandma moore and the great granddaughters
Shay and grandpa moore

Grandpa Moore and his great granddaughters
Cam and Kayla

they climbed to the top of that mountain

Kayla and Cam helpin Grandma and Grandpa make scones