Friday, October 30, 2009

New Cents of style Catalog items!!!

Here are the November catalog items... if there is something you see that you would like or if you just want to have a party email me at!!!!

Carvin pumpkin!!!

WE carved pumpkins last night and here was the outcome!!!!

My little football player!

HaLlOwEeN PaRtY!!!!

This last weekend we had our little Halloween Bash with our friends... it was super fun... i <3 Halloween!!!

Sally, Tyann and Steph!!
Chris and Sally
Kelsey and Steph
Brennan and Tyson
Kellen and me!
Us Girls!!
This is Trouble!!!!

Kelsey and her Dora sippy cups LOL
Me and Kels... I hated that dang hat, it was in my way all night!!

Me and My cute Hubby
Skylar and steph!
Steph R, me and Steph S

Sleepover @ Jamie's and Pumpkin patch!!!

The opening weekend of the deer hunt, me and the kids and my mom headed down to my sisters and stayed the night and then went on to see my Aunt in Salt lake the next day.... here are some fun pictures from our weekend

Braxton, My mom and Gunner
Cambria, Angel, and Cmabrias friend Mekayla!
Gunner and his HUGE slice of watermelon
My Little Gun bum!!!
Gunner and the "puntin" He picked out... ( ignore his ugly hair pauls wants me to grow it out and I HATE it )

Mekayla gun and Cambria sleepin.. Gunner cuddles up to Cambria when me or paul is not there!!!
Cambria and Kayla coloring at like 2 in the morning .. they wanted to stay up with us "big girls "

Jamies Crime free social!!!

My sister manages apartment complexes and so she had a fun little"crime free social" ! The kids got to paint pumkins and play games and it was a fun little might for them.

Mekayla and Cambria with there pumpkins!
Gunner loved painting the pumkins but WOW what a mess LOL

Braxton with his finished product ( he said he Painted it to look like a dog LOL
Cambria looks so serioius!
Silly boy!

This was his favortie part :)