Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A lipstick mess :(

As I was messing around on the computer yesterday, I turned around to ask gunner if he wanted to go on a ride and this is what I found.....
He had gotten into my purse and found Cambrias red competition lipstick and decided to put it on.......I LOVE toddlers :)

And I just found this picture when I was uploading pictures, he was trying so so hard one day to get his coat on and he thought he had it and this it what it looked like....but he thought it was on :)

Easter weekend!

Here are a few Pictures from easter weekend!

The kids coloring eggs..

The tremonton easter egg hunt, I think this is almost all the cousins on Pauls side, minus Tyson and Shay ( who are to old for the easter egg hunt ) and Baby kael (i hope I spelled that right, hes only a few weeks old )

Gunner and Hunter, there 2 weeks apart !

Cambrias last solo competition!

well I have gotten a little behind. I got a new computer and had to get all my old pictures off my old computer so I could start using my new one, and so there for awhile didn't want to upload anypictures so now I need to play catch up ......

This is cambrias last solo competition in Logan, Once again I did not get a single picture of her dancing.....I just get so nervous, I just can't do it , so if anyone ever sees her dance and has a Camera and happens to want to take a picture of her you would make my day LOL!!!!!
She did awesom once again, and won Queen, Here are the before and after pictures ( in backwards order )


Sunday, April 5, 2009

dAnCe CoMpEtIoNs !!!!

So here is a little wrap up from this weekends competitions.....I learned a couple of things this weekend.....I learned that there is no possible way I will ever be able to take picture of cambria while she is doing her solo, I am way to nervous and shaky, and I can't take my eyes off of her for 2 seconds. 2nd, I got a new Camera for valentines day, and it is a really nice camera, but I need to learn how to use it, the pictures were either blurry, or to dark or too light, so I guess it is time to get the owners manuel out that also means these pictures aren't the greatest, so hopefully next time I can get better ones.... 3rd dance competitions are SOOOO much nicer without the little boys :)
The other thing that didn't help was she danced facing both directions so I had to keep switching sides which meant crappy seats....anyways.... she did awesome, and makes me so proud everytime!!!

This was the solo competition night, this was before we left, but Gunner would not let me get a picture of just cambria.

Isn't she so pretty !!!

This is her waiting to go on... that is her solo teacher Tawnie Bee with her.... she has been truly the most amazing person to work with Cambria, this is the 2nd year she did Cambrias solo, and I don't know what I will do next year, she has been so amazing and just truly truly loves Cambria. Cambria idles her and if you could see the way Cambrias face lights up when she sees her, you would instantly know the bond they have developed....We truly love you Tawnie!!!

The only picture I got of her solo (before she started LOL) And she won Queen YEAH!!!! Way to go Cambria!!

After awards with Tawnie and her friends My beautiful neice Shaylynn

Cambrias Jr. Elite Class

This picture she was on top of the stunt and it was like oh my goodness she is on top I better take a picture LOL so ya its a bad picture :)

Pee wee company ... Her 2nd grade dance class ...they shake it so much in this dance almost all the pictures i took were blurry:)
and look how sad... her hair was supposed to be in a curly ponytail in all her dances except this one, but I left the curling iron on the counter at home so she was the only one with a ponytail

Friday, April 3, 2009


This weekend is the first competitions for the year, and this year instead of dance shoes they are wearing thos foot undeez that only go on the ball of your Cambria wanted me to see if I could find some acrylic to match there costumes so I could do her toes... We invited her friend Mya over to get her toes done for competitions too, and had a little toe party!!!

What silly girls :)

And The finishes product....cute toes!!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

So every morning if Gunner is awake when I take Cambria to school, the second I say "Cambria get your coat on lets go!" It's like he thinks I am going to leave him , so he will scramble to find the nearest Pair of shoes and whatever else he can find that he thinks he should get on ....

Notice Braxtons shoes, the gloves ??? He is just to cute!!

Cambrias shoes and Pauls hat!!!! LOL
And most the time I am hurrying to get cambria ready and out the door, that I don't notice tell we are already out the door !!!!