Thursday, January 28, 2010

LOVE my kiddos!

I woke up this morning to Gunner saying..... "Mommy I wuv you mommy I wanna hug you:) "what a sweet sweet boy!!!!!!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

my sweet boy!!!

So I was getting ready today and mine and Gunners conversation went something like this:)
Me: are you going to be a big boy and go to nursery today??
G:Ya me not cry!!
Me: oh good:)
G: can tambia go wit me and pay?
Me: no Cambria has to go to her class, you can play with your friends
G:can brax go wit me and pay?
M: no He has to go to his class to, you have friends there
G: can you got wit me mommy?
M: no I have to go teach my class
G: mom you my favrit friend mom
Me:) I am so so glad
G: I wuv you to pieces mom !!!

Awww.... He know how to work it.... break my heart and then I will want to come with him .... he can be such a sweetheart... I hope I am always his favorite friend :)

Friday, January 15, 2010

Sledding **** Jack Rabbit hill!!!!!

Here are the pictures from our sledding adventure over Christmas break, all in random order :)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


So I call gunner in for dinner the other night, and he comes running in .... "yook mom I'm pretty"
He had been Painting his fingernails ( and his arms) and my hardwood floor!!!!!!!!!

my child won't stay dressed...........

So I have this ongoing battle with my child.... EVERYTIME he goes to the bathroom, he come out and tells me he peed on his pants ALL so he doesn't have to put them back on..... ( the problem is, they are dry as can be) Sometimes he even decides to take his shirt off as well because " he pee'd on it too" So I have to constanty (Approx. 50 x's a day) tell him to get dressed..... sometimes he comes back in the strangest things....

This day, he came up to me in THIS>>>>>

And told me he was dressed, and then....

a couple hours later had the same problem and he cam back dressed like this>>>>>

his shirt inside out...... pauls sock on the right, braxtons sock on the left, Pauls beanie and Braxtons shoes on the wrong feet......

I don't know what I would do without this kid... he definatly keeps me laughing!!!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Just a Few "gunner" things :)

Little boy is growing up:( He is getting so big, and is such a little smarty!!!!! I want to cry almost daily because I am just NOT ready for my baby to be a big boy.....
He has a "big boy" mentality and I absolutly HATE it, he is supposed to WANT to stay little Right?????
The first part of december he just woke up one day and decided to go on the potty, we had never really tried the whole potty training thing, I kept telling myself AFTER the holidays... well he had a different idea.... he ToTaLlY potty trained himself! And really NO accidents:) I really Cant complain, but getting rid of diapers is something I never thought would make me sad, but it did.... one less thing that makes him a baby!!!!! He has been so good and now insists that he stand up to pee ( which he has to stand on his tippy toes so you can imagine the mess) but he tells me " big boys stand up MOMMY".....
Next on his list of things that make him want to be a big boy his Sippy cup!!!! One of my Big new years goals was to get him off of the sippy cup... I never have felt like sippy cups were a big deal because I LOVE them, I LOVE not worrying about having spills everywhere, but the only problem with Gunners is he is totally and completly attatched and he won't go to bed without it and he wakes up at least twice to have me " fill my tup up milt Pwease" Which also means my baby is almost 3 ( eww.. I hate saying that) and he still has NEVER slept throught the night UGH!!! SOOO it is a must to get rid of :) So about a week before new years I thought I better prepare him and so I kept telling him that sippy cups were for babies and big boys have big boy cups!!!!!... Well about 2 days later, he wanted NOTHING to do with the sippy cup, he only wanted a "big boy tup" he would tell me "tups ( meaning sippy cups) are fur babies" So sippy cup is officially gone, and there goes one more thing that made him my baby :(
He now tells me multiple times a day
"tups for babies, diapers for babies, binkies for babies and me a bid boy" AHH is there a magic potion for keeping them littel?????
He has a few obsessions right now... mickey mouse Christmas... we recorded it on our DVR and we have watched it at least 2 times a day since.... He tells me "turn mitey mouse christmas on "
He also loves dora and diego and actually the other day after we had cut Pauls hair we were all sitting downstairs and he walked up to Paul and said: "daddy who swiped your hair.... swiper"
So maybe he watches too much dora LOL
He also Loves this spongbob cream of wheat that comes in chocolate and asks me every morning to make him "chochate milt cereal" He LOVE LOVE LOVES hot chocolate and we make it about 5 times a day in our cocoa motion... " me want hot chochate mommy" :)
He STILL is obsessed with football and will grab the football get down like he is going to hike the ball and say "mark get set hu hu " LOL and then he will run around all crazy and say "defense fumble" lol
Pauls has a hunting game for the wii and he loves Pauls to play it so he can get his gun out and play with him... so funny to watch and he will tell paul in a deeper growlier voice "dad lets shoot dat butt ( buck)" the only problem is lately even when paul isn't home he wants ME to play it so he can shoot the bucks... I just turn on the hunting channel and let him go to town :)
He is now in the older nursery at church which was another big sign flashing " I'M GROWING UP MOM" ... he loved it and amazed the guy when he showed him a picture and said who is this and Gunner said " jesus" I have to tell you I was quite impressed as well as I don't think I am the best at teaching my kids things like that ( I try) but am not the best......Funny story back in december when we were on our 5 hour train rides to and from salt lake we were sitting in this crowded trax train and there was this guy trying to be friendly with gunner and he kept asking me " who is dat mom" I kept telling him i didn't know ... well after he had asked me a couple of times he says "dat jesus" LOL me and my sister started laughing it was so funny... not sure if the guy heard him or not, but its got to be a compliment RIGHT?!?!??!
He Loves to irritate the hell out of Cambria and Braxton and I must admit he is BAD... he will do anything and everything to make them mad, but in the end they still just love him more than anything :) He is notty and still says damnit to catch my attention a few times a day, but is SO quick to tell me when I say bad words LOL Its' like he know he will get in trouble for it but doesn't care... not sure what I will do with him :)
He loves our new dog, but the dog Hates him... I would to, he mauls the crap out of him....

One last story ( I know you probably hate them, but I have to write them to remeber them cause I would be so sad if I forgot any of them) We took the kids to see alvin and the chipmunks the other night and he was really good tell about half way through and he stood up
G: Mom me be rite back
Me: oh ya where you going???
G: to buy more Ms ( m&ms)
Me: oh really well you don't have any money
G: ya I do
Me: where
G: in my potet
and off he went to I had to go and buy him yet another bag of M's but it got him through the rest of the movie....

I just wish I could squish him down and keep him little but since I can't I will just make sure I write all his cute funny things so I will always remember them, he is my little sweet heart and my buddy all day while the kids are at school and I love that... he is cuddly as heck and tells me a million times a day " wov you to pieces mom" and he is really good when I have to drop him off at daycare of telling me as I walk out the door ( I am sure he thinks it will make me not want to leave him ... which is does, but I HAVE to) "mom me wuv you ... mom me wuv you to pieces.... mom me wuv you and daddy so so much " :( he sure knows how to get me:) he has the best imagination and keeps us laughing all day... he is still 100 % daddys boy, but i have learned to accept that and enjoy our time alone :)
I am sure I have bored you all to death, but I need to do this because there are so many things I don't remember about when Cambria and Braxton were little and it makes me so sad.... so I will go for now... my son is shooting me with a banana!!!! I LOVE MY LIFE!!!!!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

We headed to Lava with a bunch of friends for New years Eve... It was so relaxing and such a BLAST!!!!
Here in me and Paul wating for everyone to get there!!!
K so funny story about this bed.... Mine and Pauls room was not quite ready when we got there so we just thought we would hang out in Camis room with her tell ours was ready.... well we walk in to Camis room and all we see is a futon... I was telling cami, " I promise you they told me there was a bed and a futon, we looked everywhere and finally just figured that there was no bed JUST the futon... 10 minutes later it donned on us that the bed pulled out of the wall... LOL we are so dumb!!!!So here she is posing on her bed after we figured it out!!!

Before we headed out.. me Cami and her friend Alison!

A little sisterly love :) cami and Paul
Amanda rachelle and me

WE danced all night, it was such a Blast...
Camis eyes say it all LOL

Royce and Katie....
Mandie and Cade

WE were all so sweaty from dancing that our hair had died by the end of the night!!

Look at this hotty trailin Paul LOL
I am guessing the band was finally playing guns and roses.... Paul had been wanting them to all night :)

<3 this

I love this picture from Christmas eve and forgot to put it on my christmas eve post.. All the christensen girls..... Mekayla, shay, Cambria and Cami!!!

Sledding at the farm!!!

Paul is up for any excuse to use his fourwheeler.... so when we got home on new years day we headed over to the farm and Paul pulled the kids around.... Gunner hated it, but the kids loved it.....

Gunner was throwing snowballs at blue Pauls dads dog!!!