Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter egg hunts

We took the kids to some easter egg hunts around town today and man they got a ton of crap!!!! we started out in riverside and then headed out to Belmont to there little one out there...

Paul almost broke the swingset ( i have to remind him that he is not a kid anymore quite often <3)
I promise you i don't love gunner more but Paul always took the older kids to there part of the hunt and i followed gunner around so that is why I only have pictures of him hunting eggs :)

Me and my not so much a baby anymore gunner :(
He tries to pull the "i"m so cool faces " too... so annoying... is it to much to ask for a cute picture of them smiling!!
Braxton and Detmer
Cambria and Brinley
The kids with the Easter Bunny at the egg hunt.... Gunner has been so funny all day about meeting the easter egg hunt he told me... "mom dat was so fun da easter bunny was comfertable" and then a few hours later he said "mom why dint da easter bunny talt??" I said I don't know buddy..." is it tause hes not s tid lite me" yes bud I am sure it is... bunnies don't talk... Gun... "OOOHHHH" lol

Opening the eggs to see what treasure they got!
Adi and Gunner

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